When really tonsils must be removed?

Kid tonsilsToday medicine is definite that in humans there is nothing superfluous. This applies to the appendix and tonsils. After 12 years of age tonsils reduce their size but by the age of 20 years, they completely vestigial since grown organism no longer needs the extra protection from infection. But sometimes when the children grow and tonsils form adenoids that some specialists are trying to heal, while others – removed. According to chronic inflammation in the tonsils is dangerous in that he often goes into other bodies and striking vessels, heart and kidneys. Expanded and inflamed tonsils causing problems with hearing, breathing, may suffer, and diction. Even more dangerous is when the organism adenoids cause disturbances in the circulation of the cranial cavity, nocturia or bronchial asthma. In these cases, the tonsils must be removed. Adenoids sometimes mistakenly considered to be a childhood disease that can disappear with age. But by then the child can be changed so as to render it beyond recognition, ie known to be formed. adenoid’s type person, characterized by a narrow skull and permanently half-open mouth. Upper teeth grow correctly, the lower jaw is protruding, but talking is over nose.
Many parents mistakenly believe that availability of medicines for the treatment of angina, they may not seek medical attention. But angina are different and every body spend them differently, so can not say that there are standard drugs for the treatment of this disease. Furthermore, angina is often accompanied by diphtheria, scarlet fever, blood diseases (mononucleosis, agranulocytosis), syphilis, typhoid and others. Therefore, medical intervention is mandatory. Moderate increase in the tonsils, which did not cause pathology by other authorities, recommended a comprehensive conservative treatment: anti-inflammatory drops, USEFUL, vitamins, breathing exercises, hardening, klimatoterapiya.
In any event, the tonsils should not be pressed with a spoon, needle or other means. Inflicted injuries can cause other more serious problems. In the presence of frequent angina, a sharp reduction of hearing, asthma or complications with the nose, tonsils, however, must be removed by surgery.

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