The purpose of Vitamin P Rutin

Vitamin P rutin Vitamin P rutin is water soluble and is part of the C-complex. It consists of several bioflavonoids – rutin, citrine, tseptrin, hesperidin, flavonoid and others.If you often easy bruising and bleeding gums are suffering from it are likely to need vitamin P. What more did not know about vitamin P?
Vitamin P rutin is necessary for the absorption of vitamin C into the body and prevents the destruction of vitamin C by oxidation. The name of the vitamin comes from its main feature – the reduction of capillary permeability (P – Permeability – permeability).
Vitamin P is a strong antioxadent, antiallergic, antiviral which improves blood circlulation  and strengthens blood vessels and the elasticity of their walls. Vitamin P rutin also aids the prevention of  varicose veins, bleeding gums, dizziness, hot flushes , chronic venous insufficiency, hemorrhoids, burns and radiation sickness. Vitamin P protects against bruising, swelling and infection, has analgesic effect on sports injuries, strengthens and supports healthy connective tissue. It is used more in treating rheumatism, hypertension and gastric ulcers. Vitamin P rutin is found in  white flesh of citrus fruits, apricots, cherries, rosehips, blackberries.
The lack of vitamin P leads to general weakness, fatigue, lack of strength, frequent bruising and bleeding, bleeding gums, muscle weakness andcracks on the edges of the mouth.

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