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Why Pierre Dukan Diet was claimed as not healthy?

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Pierre Dukan Diet The Pierre Dukan Diet is one of the most popular diets in recent times, which promises permanent weight loss – created by a French nutritionist Pierre Dukan, by many is considered harmful and ineffective in terms of health and actual weight loss. In essence, the diet of Dukan requires adherence to four basic stages of the diet – eating only protein, transition to joint intake of meat and vegetables, the release of carbohydrates, followed by a permanent stage, with one day a week that is not a  protein meal.

The nutritionists, however, quickly explained that  carbohydrates are an essential part of human intake of nutrients that underpin the food pyramid. When a person reduces or completely excludes carbs from their diet, it reduces body weight, but at the expense of water in the body. The processes of the loss of  body fats is quick but the lack of water in the body is noticeable especially in the face  and be very harmful to our health, allowing diseases to take hold in our body.  When we return to our normal diet or different foods, the body quickly begins to recover lost amounts of water, and the weight quickly returns.

What Makes Energy Drinks Work?

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

What Makes Energy Drinks WorkWell, most of us have tried an energy drink and have probably pondered the question ‘what makes energy drinks work?” Have you ever had a Red Bull, or a Monster Energy drink and wondered, why does this make me feel this way? Well, we have too, and the answer is quite simple. Like any other stimulant, pre-workout supplement or energy drink, the active ingredient is caffeine mixed in with a little flavoring. Some of the products do have extra ingredients that are beneficial, but that is rarely why they are purchased. Especially when it comes to pre workout supplements since they have a very specific purpose.

Lots of people are simply drinking Red Bulls now a days because they like the taste, and they really don’t even affect their energy anymore. It’s amazing to see people continue drinking energy drinks when it’s clear they aren’t doing anything for them; maybe it’s an addiction. Well that could be so, to this question of what makes energy drinks work, as most of us love a coffee to give us a boost throughout the day and this is just another form of taking caffeine.

Why do I have bad dreams?

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

why do I have bad dreamsWe have all woken up some mornings and asked “why do I have bad dreams”. Bad dreams or nightmares can be extremely scary and hard to forget and often causes us a lot of mental discomfort.  In one night we  can dream several dreams. How vivid and emotional will be partly dependent the.phase of sleep in which you are at the time of dreaming. There are two phases – the quick and the slow sleep. In the slow phase the brain hardly works, metabolism is minimal and you are breathing slowly and deeply. Awakened in this phase people rarely remember their dreams. The transition from slow to fast sleep is clear. Under closed eyelids the  pupils can be as active as when awake and breathing becomes quite rapid.   The brain can consume a lot of energy and worries during the day  and  nightmares often occur  when we are stressed or worried.  During the night we can have up to  6 cycles of sleep, each of which can last up to 2 hours. Many people are accustomed to believe that poor sleep must be the cause. . Indeed not. Disturbing dreams are actually a signal of any personal concerns of the people.  This may be some emotional experience associated with the unresolved issue or concern related to the expectation of any change. Changing your home or workplace, exams, new relationships or family problems can cause you to have bad dreams



Overweight is not only ugly, but dangerous for the health

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Thin WomanAlong with concern that signs of obesity are seen in increasingly large part of the planet, scientists reported the trend that people increasingly perceive overweight as an aesthetic flaw, but not as a precondition for a serious health problem. The visceral fat as that accumulate in the body in the process of obesity, surround deployed in the abdomen vital organs. They do not see and feel, but their circumstances are such that most often lead to the emergence of heart disease or diabetes of the second type, and as we know, these are two diseases which take the largest number of victims annually. The enlargement of the hips can also be seen as a sign h accumulation of visceral or “hidden” fats in the body, which in turn are the cause of premature death in a much greater extent than overall obesity. The reassuring statement that along with weight reduction and its application in normal visceral fat levels are broken. The same is not true for the fat skin or subcutaneous fat, but they are not as risk factor, as visceral. An important condition to avoid diseases caused by excessive weight is to understand that overweight is not only spoil the look, but more largely affect health condition. Therefore, the promise of New Year’s diet is best to be linked to health benefits than a change in appearance.

Beauty tricks to lose weight with water

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Woman lose weightThe water is the basis of life. It may however be much more if we learn to use it properly. Thanks to water, even if we drastically reduce the quantities of food consumed, and hence to lower the body weight to regain their youth and freshness. For this purpose, we should observe a few basic steps through which the weakening using water is ensured:
– At different places in your home and the workplace need to put containers of water to drink, so not only will have on hand whenever get thirsty, but more importantly, it will drink even when they’re really hungry – just water will reminds us about yourself.
– When you feel that we are eating something better to drink a glass of water. So I save a lot off calories while blunt hunger.
– Immediately after waking up is just fine to drink two cups of water, and then every hour for another. Thus, without violence and pour, will experience necessary for the day of water that should not be less than two liters.
– To achieve weight loss through water, it is best to replace coffee and tea with hot water to which is added a drop of honey.
– If you drink through a straw, we can accept larger quantities of liquid, because breath is getting bigger.

Protect your hair during the winter

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Woman HairHow to protect your hair in the winter? The Cold, snow, wind, dry indoor air using hair dryer, wearing hats – winter aggression makes the hair weak and dull. The quality cosmetics protects hair in the winter. The moroccan oil hair products are really protecting the scalp and having high quality. The winter is too aggressive to the hair and keeps it hard strength and luster. Sudden temperature changes – going from a warm room with dry air in the cold and snowy weather, and conversely, damage and wear your hair, leaving it “flattened” and without luster. Wearing a hat protects the head from the cold, but made greasy hair, brittle, lifeless, dull and electrifying.
Use a protective hair cosmetics with natural, herbal extracts or the best vitamins for black hair. It strengthens the hair, giving it a silky shine and softness. As winter hair is not well refresh the grows more slowly, it is necessary to stimulate the scalp circulation-and the protective sheath of hair to be fed with quality cosmetics. Use a special shampoo and conditioner to nourish hair during the winter or restoring shampoo and conditioner, rich in natural ingredients, proteins and panthenol, which retain moisture in hair. One of the best products for your scalp is argan oil for hair, which will refresh it, keeps it shape and feed it up.

The Diet Solution, One Solution For Many Problems

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Diet WomanAre you suffering from overweight, high blood pressure, cholesterol and constipation? Then go for The Diet Solution to get rid of it permanently. It has the guideline of your meals you should take or avoid. It is not only helpful to lose your body fats but ensure you to increase energy, vitamin and health at the same time. First of all you have to identify your metabolic type to make your meal plan. Amount of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, depend on the metabolic type of a person. Eliminate the harmful foods immediately and take plenty of foods that are good for your health alternatively.
First of all you are advised to avoid foods that contain hydrogenated fats while you are going for The Diet Solution. These types of foods are cookies, margarine, cereals, chips and cracks or any type of snacks. Immediately avoid processed soy food that is dangerous for your health. You can take sweeteners with beverages if advised by experts because your body should have enough calories. Take just two cups of coffee daily. It is best for you to eliminate alcohol permanently or you can take one glass per week. You will only be benefited if you eliminate the foods that create problems in your body.
Make it sure that you are taking plenty of alternative foods so that you can get lot of energy and vitality while dieting. Lot of vegetables and fruits are the main substitute foods for your health. Your recommended foods should be like organic meat and poultry, raw chocolate, stevia, sprouted breads, organic egg, avocado, fish, raw nuts, butter, raw dairy products, baked sweet potatoes etc. Krill or flaxseed, salmon and cod liver are the Omega 3 oil which is the preferred for you. Many diet solution programs are there to make The Diet Solution Program perfect and effective for lifetime. Don’t forget to study about the pros and cons of the diet solution you are going to take.

Advantages to losing weight without any diets

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Slim WomanNo matter how peaceful you are, by nature, when it comes to beautiful figure, you must be hard. In this spirit, the best way to achieve this weight loss without dieting. Good is just to help your losing weight with Diablos ECA Fire, which will give you fast results and will support your actions. The new products are having even stronger effect, just like asia black, which is burning fats fast and also give more oxyde to your blood. You must be wondering what are the advantages of this method to achieve ideal weight before ordered and strict diets. The biggest advantage is that building alone diet, according to their individual circumstances. Diets suggest to follow a specific regime which surely can not fit everyone. When you achieve weight loss without dieting, have the freedom to choose, and this is a strong psychological element in any weight loss. The very thought that we were stuck in a rut can weaken our failures. Weight loss without dieting and healthy eating are synonymous – namely the selection of healthy and balanced food is the foundation of successful weight loss without dieting. The diets often make us feel depressed and despondent because they are not in tune with our nature, while when no weakening diets are relaxed and have a choice.

Tips to calculate how much fats you have gained

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

Woman EatingThe most people define the state of your body weight. But with age the body composition changes: muscle tissue is gradually replaced by fat. If a person not engaged in exercises to strengthen muscles, they become less and begin to accumulate fat. This is especially true for women. Withdrawal can not be a strong indicator of health and beauty. A more accurate “tool.” Many people resort to popular spreadsheets for the ratio between height and weight. But specialists in sports medicine stressed that these indicators do not give full information as to be recorded and the type of physique, reported magazine Prevention. Already appeared and tables reporting type build: lean, mean, wholesale. At the same height difference obtained from 5-6 pounds. But they are not sufficiently objective. To determine the amount of excess fat, you need to calculate the fat content of the general composition of the body. The certain amount of fat is vital for the proper functioning of the body – from 12 to 15% of the total mass of the body. Fat accumulated over that norm harm health and of course spoil the shape. The percentage of fat is estimated as follows: 10-20% – excellent, 20-25% – good, acceptable 25-30%, 30-35% – well, 40% or more – the comments were unnecessary. For men the rates were slightly lower because of the structure of the body of their gender.

Enemies of the teeth

Friday, November 26th, 2010

teethOur teeth have three main enemies. The first is a coating in which microorganisms thrive – in the course of its life activity they produce lactic acid, destroying the teeth. The second enemy is sugar as an adhesive coating adheres to the teeth. The third is the lack of fluorine. We offer several traditional means – cheap but very effective, which will help you cope with the damage:
• Fine, you can brush my teeth using a brush with natural bristles and salty boiled water. You are using and salt.
• savory is a very powerful disinfectant. Powdered dry leaves to dry brush and carefully rub the teeth in all directions, her then rinse your mouth.
• Activated charcoal well cleaned tooth coating. Crush a few tablets charcoal, place them on the wash and brush their teeth for 3 minutes. Finally, rinse the mouth thoroughly.
• horsetail prevents tooth decay. Key horsetail from humid location, dry it and isters flour. It also stops bleeding and strengthens gums. With it you can brush your teeth 2 times a day.

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