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Stress is causing about 90% from the diseases

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Woman StressToday more than ever medicine tries to examine and treat accordingly human body as a whole. Increasingly, professionals looking for the root cause of one or other condition beyond the standard symptoms. Even as cellulite more often perceived as a private issue and is associated with poor balance of substances in the body and unhealthy lifestyles. The reasons leading to the formation of cellulite and are many and complex, but stress is a major, experts are confident. He is actually responsible for around 90 percent of the diseases considered modern medicine because immunity weakens and distorts the work of all systems in the body. Stress destroy many of the vitamins necessary for proper functioning of the cells to breach the metabolism and often leads to the emergence of obesity. All this has a negative impact on the psyche of man and his overall physical condition. Brings anxiety, depression, neurosis, emotional instability, decline or upswing in mood, agitation, aggression, anger, impaired memory, insomnia, chronic fatigue, etc. Causes of stress are numerous and varied. Most often stressful experiences are subjected to the inhabitants of large cities. Stress can be caused by all the major events in life: teaching, work, problems with your partner, or lack of such a breakup with him. Women more often than men are compared with other women and are often upset, thinking of insufficient attractive. This also leads to stress – a constant, chronic.

Burn more calories

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Training WomanYou are so busy that there is absolutely no time to sport? You are wrong. Although we live in a world filled exclusively with work stress, tension and family obligations, we can still find the time, even less for a certain amount of sport in our hectic lives. To stimulate your creativity, we offer 10 tips for busy people to say:
1. When you wake up, do 10 minute workout. Choose only three exercises to perform properly for 10 minutes without stopping. For example, on Monday to do “easier” push-ups, followed by crunches and attacking forward on Tuesday to lend a hand shrub thighs, lifting the legs of the supine position and push-ups with your hands a little distance from each other (for the triceps).
2. Hectic move to work and back. If you takes 10 minutes to walk somewhere, try to do it for 8. If you do not need to go, Be creative – stay on board one stop sooner than the bus or park farther away from work.
3. If you have stairs in the block house or workplace, use them instead of the elevator. The more often you upload them, the better for your health and figure.
4. While standing in one place, from time to time you can play called. isometric exercises tighten the muscles. For example, while you’re seated, your abdominal muscles abbreviate for 30 seconds, making sure to breathe normally. In this way you can train almost any greater muscle group in the body. Contrary to expectations these exercises are quite effective. Do them several times a week and you will feel the difference.

Most often purposes for the stress

Monday, May 10th, 2010

StressThis is the purpose of study, organized by the Associated Press and the company Ipsos. It is collected and analyzed data from 10 leading countries of the world. In each of them between 13 and 26 November 2006 were interviewed about 1000 adult respondents. What causes the most stress among citizens of most dynamically developing countries?
1. Australia. More than one third of respondents (35%) considered the work of a major source of stress. After it is placed in financial problems (27%) and family life (24%). Three quarters of the inhabitants of the country (77%) are in a state of everyday stress.
2. UK. 51 percent of Britons think they are under stress. Finance excite them in 32% of cases and work – in 26%. Their family life has at least concerns.
3. Canada. Often or sometimes in mental the price fall 76% of Canadians say Three quarters of the population. The main factors that they believe are the work or lack thereof (32%) and cash problems (28%).
4. France. Life frequently or occasionally out of control for 45% of Fench. 30% of respondents put work and financial costs in the first place among the causes.
5. Germany. Germans appear to be quite resistant to stress – just 51 percent believe that fall into this condition. 28 percent feel that life is permanently out of control.

Foods against stress

Monday, January 4th, 2010

VegetablesOf course today is to speak and write more about the importance of stress on health. Studies are exported fresh evidence that excessive pressure does not determine our only bad mood. Can now be considered proven that people under chronic stress are most vulnerable to various diseases – from “innocent” colds to chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes. There are many ways and approaches to reduce the negative impact of stress on our health. One of them is the correct selection of food.
Foods against stress: How It Works
Level of chemical mechanisms are few. For example cup oatmeal raises the levels of serotonin – a hormone that increases the feeling of calmness and relaxation. Other foods does lower the level of adrenaline and cortisol – a stress hormone whose quantity increases in the body during prolonged high level of tension. And last but not least: a well chosen diet helps to counter the effects of stress by strengthening the immune system and lowers blood pressure.
Complex carbohydrates
All carbohydrates increase the production of serotonin. Particularly useful in combating stress are complex carbohydrates that are assimilated more slowly, ie operate for longer. Good choices are whole grain breads and snacks, as already mentioned, and oatmeal. Complex carbohydrates help and a sense of calm and confidence as stabilize blood sugar.
Simple carbohydrates
Dietitians often recommend that you avoid simple carbohydrates like sweets and soda. But in this case those foods in the short term, give quite a good effect on reducing the effects of stress (eg irritability). Digest the simple sugars are rapidly leading to a rapid influx of serotonin.

Stress directly affects the heart

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Man StressThis British study shows, spread over 10 thousand. According to the results of its people under the age of 50 who are subjected to daily stress in 70% more cases develop some cardio-vascular disease. The man who suffers from stress every day – at work or in their personal lives, have less time to travel and eat properly, still showing the data published in European Heart Journal. Early observations was placed back in the 60’s, but most results were collected after 1980 among surveyed have people of different ages and different backgrounds and professions – from owners of successful companies to sanitation and Messengers. To establish scientifically how patients feel in their environment, scientists have observed different outcomes such as heart rate, blood pressure, physical activity and strength of stress hormones – cortisol in their blood. Are reported and their diet, possible use of alcohol and cigarettes. For the whole period were recorded and incidence of cardiovascular diseases and their consequences. “Throughout all the years of observations we found that chronic stress leads directly to cardiovascular diseases and that connection becomes clearer in both sexes before the age of 50 years”, says team leader at the time Dr. Chandola Taranee by University College London.

5 tips for feeding in stress days

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

CoffeeAs we engaged in, the harder it is to find time to take care of themselves. And very soon, healthy eating habits remain in the background. That’s why we selected these 25 very easy to follow rules for healthy eating – they allow you to eat properly even in the days when they are so busy that driving on autopilot. If you follow them, you will immediately get seven meals a day, fruit and vegetables, all the calcium you need, many fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, abundant antioxidants and many other useful substances. And this will reduce the risk of cancer, stroke, heart failure and diabetes, will have more energy, a fresh mind and you will avoid infections in the urinary system.
First: Suppose that is a normal workday and you’re more busy than ever. Now try our simple advice!
Healthy nutrition tips: 6:00: Wake up. For the last time you disconnect the alarm and feeling the walls are the way to the kitchen:

Reasons for Headache

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

HeadacheEach type of headache has its reason. In order to permanently remove the need la able to find and then alone or with a doctor – to around best measures for treatment. Remember – the pain itself is not a disease, a reaction of the body that allows you to understand that something is wrong somewhere.
Pain from stress
1. Head will burst (with equal force on both sides).
2. Pain is monotonous, dull, tightening.
3. You feel like your head is placed in a vise.
4. Proceeding occurs after a sudden quarrel or word (whether pleasant or not) that is excited.
5. Spend much time in front of the computer or behind the wheel.
6. Do work which requires prolonged concentration of attention and emotional tension and can not be postponed for tomorrow.
This kind of pain can decrease, as seek to avoid stress. Move as much as possible. If you work mostly seated and relatively fixed (eg a computer), at least once an hour exercise the muscles of the neck and his shoulders.

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