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The type of skin is not the only factor, when choosing cosmetic

Monday, July 19th, 2010

CosmeticChoosing one or another cosmetic product, of course, we first read the writing on the packaging to find out what type of skin cream is designed accordingly, lotion, gel, mask, etc. More than a century ago, human skin is classified as dry, oily and combination. But in this classification into account only one indicator – the level of fat in the skin. According to modern dermatology, attention must be paid on many other factors: pigmentation, skin color, the presence of lines, etc. Sensitivity plays a major role of the skin, ie its tendency to irritation. If after using the new cream on your skin appear red spots, it’s probably a sign of an allergic reaction. It is so difficult to distinguish allergy from the usual signs of skin sensitivity. In the first case of skin cosmetic reacted immediately and the second – after 3-4 hours. To get rid of nasty red spots, take advantage of soothing mask, and then every day use hypoallergenic cream. To be sure to choose your cosmetic piloting a small area of skin and use it only if there appears a negative reaction. If you suffer from constant redness on the cheeks and nose, probably a widespread disease of the sensitive skin – rosacea. Addressing this problem will help the lilies of chamomile, allantoin, panthenol and vitamin K, which have a soothing effect.

Olive oil for beauty

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Olive OilWomen in ancient times they have been much more difficult to retain their youth and attractiveness, rather than today. In those times there was no such a variety of cosmetics and spa treatments. But representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are finding ways to rejuvenate and preserve the natural beauty. There are recipes that have reached us and are actively applied and contemporary beauty industry – such as the use of olive oil. Modern scholars are unanimous in their opinion that it is a unique natural means of preserving the beauty. Virtually every olive tree contains hundreds of beneficial micronutrients, vitamins and minerals. It has been shown that these compounds inhibit the aging of the organism, have a beneficial impact on the work of the heart and vessels to help reduce cholesterol and the absorption of salts and fats. There is nothing surprising in that many years of oil is used to manufacture products for skin care. Up to 80% of its stock are unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins E, A, D and flavonoids, which slow the aging of cells, reduces moisture loss and optimize the exchange of lipid skin.

Autumn weather requires specific skin care

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Woman SkincareIn the climate we live in seasonal changes go hand in hand with the change of wardrobe. But the arrival of lower temperatures and means necessary to change the care of skin. When the thermometer begins to fall, follow the advice you give below to make the transition to winter in a smooth and without damage to your skin. Especially when it comes to facial skin, no universal rules for all. The only thing that is certain is that the summer cosmetics is not suitable for the cold months. Always comply with your skin type when choosing cosmetics. If you are not sure exactly what you need or have any autumn flare problem, consult a specialist dermatologist. Some face creams will protect your skin and will clear all the dark circles with feeding of the skin.
– For oily and / or acne-prone skin winter of the facial skin is particularly important. Any specialist will confirm that the funds are using this summer to deal with this type of leather, are completely unsuitable for cold days. If you continue to use these cleaners, you risk your skin to become rough and irritable.

If you use any product against acne, dermatologists recommend that it not contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and sulfur. Dry and cold weather exacerbate drying effects of these ingredients. Avoid and retinoids, which are most often on prescription – they can lead to peeling of the skin.

If during the summer period have been using anti-acne lotion detergent, now go to the product – lotion or better yet, cream-based formula.

– For dry and withered skin lotion use in cleaning, which is not penny. Foam, which caused such agents will further dry your skin. If you want to be more cautious replace lotion cream cleanser.

Not a good idea and anything from cosmetics you use contain alcohol. Alcohol removes the natural moisture and oily skin and makes it more susceptible to the influence of dry and cold weather.

Exfoliants! Dry skin can be shaped in the top layer of skin as a whole and make your face look rough and gray. By eksoliatsiyata it will remove dead cells and will fuel the growth of new, but with this and will regain its luster. Good eksfolienti-natural products are oatmeal, rice flour and Humata.

How to get the freshness of your skin?

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

SkincareSkin is the body is exposed to all external influences. It is therefore extremely important to take care of it constantly, consistently and mostly seasonal. A fall is an important strategic period. The summer has left its traces – wrinkles, inflammation and dehydration. Pretty soon winter will make it even more vulnerable. With all the modern aesthetic dermatology problems facial skin can be handled quickly and efficiently. Skin is ideal thanks to new technology ELOS-rejuvenation. ELOS surpasses all known techniques: photo-rejuvenation, laser therapy and others. With ELOS not have to waste time and resources for continued therapy. ELOS-rejuvenation technology has a wide range of opportunities for non-surgical lifting of the skin, and also to remove the signs of aging, pigmentation, superficial dilated capillaries.
How does ELOS acts?

Autumn beauty care

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Autumn beauty careAutumn is the best season to restore the beauty of our skin, hair, nails, etc. As a result of the generous sun in the summer our bodies felt stress. How are removing the damage done to prepare for the cold? The change of seasons causes many people problems with the skin – it red becomes more sensitive and irritated. And of course, dehydrated by summer.
Therefore, you must perform the following procedures:
1. Nourish the skin.
Your task is to take care of the skin of the body – starting from the face and ending with the feet. After taking a shower or bath apply with massage movements on the skin nourishing cream. Take your time – and every one section of the skin. Then devote themselves to caring for the person. Probably in the summer there is the skin becomes more sensitive and you need another face cream. Do savings and buy cream that will meet the needs of the skin from moisture and nutritional substances. Cream with rose oil to soothe sensitive and dry skin, a cream containing thermal water, removes redness and skin irritation.
Especially noteworthy are the various face masks. Especially those containing copper. Honey has unique properties: not only refreshes the skin, but also restores softness and smoothness. It must be remembered that these masks can be used by people who do not suffer from an allergy to honey.

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