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Is breakfast important meal of the day

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Is breakfast important meal of the day Is breakfast important meal of the day? Breakfast is a must have.  If you go to work after a few sips of coffee digestive  problems begin as the most important hormones are not made – insulin, serotonin and adrenaline.
They are responsible for metabolism and our emotional state. Therefore, experts have identified that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. British researchers conducted a study involving  ten thousand students with the outcome being cereal, preferably oat. It contains fiber and soluble dietary fiber that stimulate the metabolism and tones the blood vessels. Breakfast can be enriched with omelets and other dairy products.
It is a good idea to give up butter or smoked sausages. Bananas were found to be the most health fruit for breakfast. In addition to starch, which works well in the lining of the stomach, it also contains an alkaloid that stimulates the production of  the happiness hormone – serotonin.  Banana also quenches hunger. So the answer to the question is breakfast important meal of the day – a resounding yes!!

Why do I have bad dreams?

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

why do I have bad dreamsWe have all woken up some mornings and asked “why do I have bad dreams”. Bad dreams or nightmares can be extremely scary and hard to forget and often causes us a lot of mental discomfort.  In one night we  can dream several dreams. How vivid and emotional will be partly dependent the.phase of sleep in which you are at the time of dreaming. There are two phases – the quick and the slow sleep. In the slow phase the brain hardly works, metabolism is minimal and you are breathing slowly and deeply. Awakened in this phase people rarely remember their dreams. The transition from slow to fast sleep is clear. Under closed eyelids the  pupils can be as active as when awake and breathing becomes quite rapid.   The brain can consume a lot of energy and worries during the day  and  nightmares often occur  when we are stressed or worried.  During the night we can have up to  6 cycles of sleep, each of which can last up to 2 hours. Many people are accustomed to believe that poor sleep must be the cause. . Indeed not. Disturbing dreams are actually a signal of any personal concerns of the people.  This may be some emotional experience associated with the unresolved issue or concern related to the expectation of any change. Changing your home or workplace, exams, new relationships or family problems can cause you to have bad dreams



Proper metabolism depends on the type of food

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Diet ReviewsIn people with obesity always comes a time when the accumulated weight have increasingly greater impact on the appearance and activity of various organs. According to the specialists Dieting Tips, the unloaders days have effective only briefly. Why is that? This issue have tried to meet scientists from the American Institute of Nutrition and overweight. The results of their long and extensive study has confirmed the statement by many nutritionists believe that the secret of good figure is balanced metabolism. The Diet Reviews are telling that the lack of such balance and can lead to weight than normal, and extreme weakness. The main problem with nutritionists to give universal advice on diet comes from the individual characteristics of each organism. Everyone absorb nutrients differently and therefore consumes energy so accumulated. It is quite easy to normalize your weight with Colon Cleansing, which are balancing your metabolism. In slower absorption of energy expenditure is lower, namely unspent calories cause weight per person to rise, even if it is fed plenty. Experts advise in this case the food to dominate small amounts of carbohydrates and more rapid processing proteins (poultry, fish). Other suitable people for this kind of foods are soy products, those containing many fiber (carrots, beets, bad, cucumbers) and various milk derivatives, but with lower fat content. People whose body has accelerated metabolism, respectively “burn” faster energy. Scientists say this is due to a higher level of adrenaline and thyroid hormones in the body.

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