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Enemies of the teeth

Friday, November 26th, 2010

teethOur teeth have three main enemies. The first is a coating in which microorganisms thrive – in the course of its life activity they produce lactic acid, destroying the teeth. The second enemy is sugar as an adhesive coating adheres to the teeth. The third is the lack of fluorine. We offer several traditional means – cheap but very effective, which will help you cope with the damage:
• Fine, you can brush my teeth using a brush with natural bristles and salty boiled water. You are using and salt.
• savory is a very powerful disinfectant. Powdered dry leaves to dry brush and carefully rub the teeth in all directions, her then rinse your mouth.
• Activated charcoal well cleaned tooth coating. Crush a few tablets charcoal, place them on the wash and brush their teeth for 3 minutes. Finally, rinse the mouth thoroughly.
• horsetail prevents tooth decay. Key horsetail from humid location, dry it and isters flour. It also stops bleeding and strengthens gums. With it you can brush your teeth 2 times a day.

What arthrosis dislikes?

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

arthrosisTake care of yourself ingredient. People who are trying different ways to “develop” the patient is actually making a big mistake. Particularly serious consequences this “treatment” may have in cox-arthrosis – defeat of the hip. Running, long walks, therapeutic gymnastics, cycling, crawling on his knees and hit on the joint benefit instead lead to its further destruction. If you use a cane, can slow the progress of the disease and to relieve the work of the joint. Be careful with physiotherapy! Lasers, ultrasound, high frequency currents, electric fields, etc. should not apply in cases where the joint appears fluid rising or pain. Physiotherapy can be performed only when it is inflamed. As to the massage, the patient was able to massage, but very carefully so as not to cause inflammation of the tissues it (arthritis). Instead of thermal procedures exacerbation of arthrosis is recommended to use cooling. Put it on the patient for 20 minutes, a towel, and on it – pack ice.

Some tips for good mood

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

SmileHere are some tips that hopefully will help you always wake up filled with energy and a willingness to work.
1. Instead of staring the week suppressed the countless tasks that you expect and require a solution, its composition from the evening (or morning coffee) a list of what you must do and by when. Thus better plan their time and succeeded in doing everything according to its term.
2. Try to plan each day and picnic, which will help you relax: watching movies, meeting friends, bath with aromatic oils, and massage.
3. Organize your workplace on Friday afternoon. Last hours of the week are generally less productive. But they are better able to deal with the accumulated notes on his desk and leave only what will be needed on Monday. Clean workplace creates a feeling of freshness, one quickly adjusts to work and concentrate on urgent tasks.
4. Begin the day (not just Monday!) With exercise. Studies show that as a result of the exercise is made serotonin, which prevents the onset of depression and pessimistic. 30 minutes of exercise is beneficial for the heart and help you feel a burst of energy. This time is enough to open up the pores, skin, believe it or not, has a great bearing on the mood.

Anabolic steroids in sports

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

BodybuildingYou can Buy Steroids from many places off-line and on-line. It is quite easy to create a strong body with not so many trainings buy using steroids. But before describe the anabolic steroids you know the side effects of them:
Anabolic steroids and immune system – In many clinical trials and in monitoring athletes demonstrated that anabolic steroids weaken the immune system.
Aggressiveness – Men with increased aggressiveness could become very bad and dangerous. Or may develop to real idiots.
Acne – One of the biggest problems consumers of steroids is sometimes devastating acne that occurs because most anabolics.
High blood pressure – Steroids increase blood pressure. Many athletes in blood pressure to 140/90 is considered normal. It is very important to regularly check blood pressure. If your pressure rises above 140/90 is good to see a doctor.
Hair Loss – Now no doubt that hair loss and baldness are associated with high concentrations of dihydrotestosterone in men and women.
Here we will describe the most commonly used anabolic steorids, according to many of our and foreign athletes and an estimated cost of which is sold. This article was written exclusively for educational purposes!
The anavar steroid has been in circulation since 1964. Preferred by women. For most consumers there is no contraindication, most small hair or change the timbre of the voice of women. Oxandrolone is very soft. Is preferred by thousands of women and men, using it simply because it works well and rarely gives any side effects. Taken to increase muscle strength and increased rigidity of muscles. Not retain water and increases the weight. Not even at high flavored doses. Clenbuterol is also quite frequently met anabolic steroids.

For nice looking – lunch with. .. men

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Man Woman RestaurantWhen you dine with a man, woman often select foods with less calories than if you eat with friends or alone. This is the conclusion to which we are researchers from the University McMaster in Ontario, Canada. Meredith Young, head of the department of psychology, neurology and behavior cited by the BBC, noted that the choice of food and obviously affects the company. During their observations of the Canadian scientists found that women who dine in the company of one or more men selected food containing fewer calories than those fed in female company. Moreover – the larger the number of men in the company, less calories were enough for the woman to feed. “We often forget that food is a social activity. People choose the company that will be fed and their mentality is prepared by the earlier of what you choose for lunch,” says Yang.

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