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Malaria Kenya is extremely high

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

malaria Kenya

Malaria Kenya  is extremely high with one in every 20 malaria related deaths in 2012.  There was 30,000 deaths  recorded and 9 million cases diagnosed.  The highest rate was found in Nyazza and the western regions of Kenya.  In 2009 the research bill was 30.7 billion for Malaria Kenya.  One in 11 mothers do not believe that malaria medicines will cure children with the disease making it very difficult to contain.  Mosquito nets are rarely used when sleeping due to the non education of the rural tribes.  If travelling to Kenya it is extremely important to take malaria medication or vacination to prevent infection.


Malaria is one of the most common infectious diseases known since antiquity. It is a terrible tropical disease causing high mortality. The cause of malaria (Plasmodium malariae) was founded in 1880 by French military surgeon A. Laveran.  Consequently by 50 years of last century inmany countries around the world, the incidence of malaria was limited or completely eradicated, but recently the virus has taken hold again in some of these countries.
According to WHO, malaria is a serious health problem for more than 100 countries worldwide, half of whom are in Africa with a population of about 2400 million people (40% of the total population of the earth). Each year, there are 300-500 million clinical cases of malaria registered, over 90% of them are in Africa, in areas located south of the Sahara. Annually, malaria causes the deaths of 1.1 to 2.7 million people.
The following  information about Malaria disease and symptoms will help you to diagnose the disease fast and accurate. The main symptoms of malaria disease are:
• Fever and high temperature
• Headache and Malaise
These fevers and headaches repeat every 4-6 hours followed by sweating and decrease of  body temperature. In the next stages of the disease, the symptoms are:
• Enlarged spleen and liver
• Jaundice


Malaria is one of the most dangerous diseases to man and kills many people every year. People who  believe they have been exposed to this disease should be diagnosed and start treatment immediately.   The proper diagnosis and  correct treatment will help you to fight the dangerous disease. Malaria Kenya is so high that travellers should not leave without being vaccinated or taking medication.

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