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Causes of stress on Students and Meditation Help

Monday, November 21st, 2011

causes of stress  on studentsA major problem for parents is the worry of what are the causes of stress on students.  While school success may not necessarily be the only standard by which future success can be predicted, there is no doubt that school is important. Helping students succeed in school builds their self-esteem and helps them build the skills they need for a career and a lifetime. If you are a parent, you will of course want to ensure that you do everything possible to help your child succeed in school.
One of the largest obstacles to school performance is not lack of ability, but stress. When students are worried about school performance and it is difficult for them to recall material they have studied. Increased stress during study time also reduces the ability of the mind to focus on the work at hand and to remember accurately. Severe stress can also make children feel ill. Indeed, some children feel so upset and stressed before a test or assignment that they can actually get stomach aches, headaches, and other physical ailments. In these circumstances, it is difficult to study or to focus on academic success and children with this level of stress may miss school, which actually makes it even harder (and more stressful) to do well in school. Children do not have to stay in this cycle, however.
Whatever the causes of stress on students these  guided meditation downloads CDs are a great option for students who wish to relax, improve their focus, and develop better learning skills. Self-confidence imagery CDs and anti-panic attacks imagery CDs are both great options for improving school performance. These guided imagery CDs teach relaxation and self-control.  Guided imagery helps students focus their concentration, a skill that they can then transferred to studying. Guided meditation helps students relax and get into a proper mindset for studying and for optimal recalling.
Numerous studies have been done to show that classical music may have a positive impact on test scores. Researchers have also found numerous correlations between high stress levels and poor cognitive function. Studies such as these highlights the possibilities that guided meditations have for students. Indeed, many successful students often report using affirmations, meditation, and other mind-body techniques in order to achieve the best possible results. Relaxation techniques and focus techniques help students become more creative and help them remember more clearly once test time comes. As well, guided relaxation CDs and techniques can help students who need to know how to relieve stress & eliminate some of the physical symptoms of stress before tests and exams, leaving them free to focus on their studies.  So meditation can be of help to what causes stress on students.

The strength of immunity depends mainly from feeding of 12-14 years old

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

BabyAbout 15 years ago in medicine appears the concept of immune nutrition and researchers began to study the impact of different products on the work of the body’s defense system. As our immunity begins to form in the womb of the mother and finally matures to 12 our 14th year, it was logical to make the conclusion that its strength depends on the particular diet during this period. When a child is born, it is virtually sterile and intestines from the food during the first hours, days and months of his life depends on his immunity. It is in the gut barrier is preventing the penetration of viruses, fungi and parasites. Bacteria perform a protective function and if they are sufficiently inhibit harmful flora. The first population of bacteria was at the time of birth by tribal ways. Therefore it is very important in this period the woman to be strong. Bacteria within the body of a child with milk. It contains prebiotics – substances contributing to the development of their own microfloar in the intestines of the child. A few drops of milk immediately after birth are a kind of vaccination against infections and viruses. Ideally the child receives breast milk throughout the first year of life. Pediatricians advise at least 6-months old child should not be feeding and not even give him water because it gets everything you need through breast milk. The introduction of other products in the diet can cause problems with lactation.

When really tonsils must be removed?

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Kid tonsilsToday medicine is definite that in humans there is nothing superfluous. This applies to the appendix and tonsils. After 12 years of age tonsils reduce their size but by the age of 20 years, they completely vestigial since grown organism no longer needs the extra protection from infection. But sometimes when the children grow and tonsils form adenoids that some specialists are trying to heal, while others – removed. According to chronic inflammation in the tonsils is dangerous in that he often goes into other bodies and striking vessels, heart and kidneys. Expanded and inflamed tonsils causing problems with hearing, breathing, may suffer, and diction. Even more dangerous is when the organism adenoids cause disturbances in the circulation of the cranial cavity, nocturia or bronchial asthma. In these cases, the tonsils must be removed. Adenoids sometimes mistakenly considered to be a childhood disease that can disappear with age. But by then the child can be changed so as to render it beyond recognition, ie known to be formed. adenoid’s type person, characterized by a narrow skull and permanently half-open mouth. Upper teeth grow correctly, the lower jaw is protruding, but talking is over nose.

Do not fear from the senility

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

KidsYoung people who think that old age is a serious time and discontent, the elderly really more often suffer from other serious illnesses. In these cases of stroke or heart attack are more frequent, showing results of a study conducted over 30 years at the Center for Public Health at University Yale in the United States. According to medics quoted by Reuters, attitudes toward aging may significantly determine the future health of the man when he reaches old age. “Negative thoughts in old age, which are so inherent to the very young can affect in a negative way on their future health. Even after accounting for other factors affecting the deterioration of health, remains a clear link between perceptions of the aging process and especially the development of cardiovascular disease in the elderly, doctors say. In people who believe that adults are always in poor health, the risk of heart attack or stroke was significantly higher. More common are hypertension and other chronic cardiovascular diseases, statistics show made 30 years after the beginning of the study. U.S. cardiologists’ claim that negative thoughts have an additional pressure on the work of the body.

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