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Should I fast for a day?

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Should I fast for a dayAnother great health question is “should I fast for a day?” The day long fast is beneficial to health as long as it is not done more than once a month, say U.S. experts. The results of their study shows that people who abstain from food one day of every month have about 40% lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease. And in patients with asthma it was observed to  visibly lower the severity of the attacks.
The scientists from the University of Chicago, quoted by Reuters, “mild” stress was found  when testing  the body during moderate fasting,which  reflects positively on immunity and reduces the risk of many diseases.
The experts state that you do not  have to starve all day, but should skip main meals.   So it seems that in answer to the question ‘should I fast for a day”, the answer is yes, it does have some very good health benefits!!

Do we need adjuvants?

Monday, May 31st, 2010

adjuvantsStrengthening immunity is undoubtedly one of the most discussed topics today. Many worry about how to prepare for the season of flu and colds. The most common advice is to take adjuvants. Almost always find people who speak with the pathos of a “remarkable tool, which have benefited and who has helped the family, neighbors, relatives … A doctor once asked the question – why do you take? Adjuvants are already an integral part of many lives in the autumn. Child falls into despondency does not want to go to school, we give it drops, it goes through the whole course and everything is fine. Must send a draft, but we often catch cold. On the advice of colleagues drink some magic medicine that helps a lot. At the same time experts constantly warn that the immune system is too complex to “tightening” of such funds. To achieve a healthy balance must be equalized two forces: anti-inflammatory (induce inflammation, kills harmful microbes entrants or viruses) and inflammatory (control processes as the action). Violations of this balance leads to serious consequences, including can lead to infectious and toxic-shock. Do not take these adjuvants whose relatives suffering from autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, etc.)..
Most adjuvants, which are sold in pharmacies without a prescription not seriously affect the immune system. In a cold or flu they can help (and not always!), but to drink preventive specialists are strongly opposed. Widespread, but the misconception is that we need to increase immunity to common colds and inflammatory diseases, passing in chronic, difficult to heal wounds, etc. Only a doctor can determine the real need for adjuvants. According to statistics, only 5% of people actually have problems with the immune system, which need serious treatment.

The strength of immunity depends mainly from feeding of 12-14 years old

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

BabyAbout 15 years ago in medicine appears the concept of immune nutrition and researchers began to study the impact of different products on the work of the body’s defense system. As our immunity begins to form in the womb of the mother and finally matures to 12 our 14th year, it was logical to make the conclusion that its strength depends on the particular diet during this period. When a child is born, it is virtually sterile and intestines from the food during the first hours, days and months of his life depends on his immunity. It is in the gut barrier is preventing the penetration of viruses, fungi and parasites. Bacteria perform a protective function and if they are sufficiently inhibit harmful flora. The first population of bacteria was at the time of birth by tribal ways. Therefore it is very important in this period the woman to be strong. Bacteria within the body of a child with milk. It contains prebiotics – substances contributing to the development of their own microfloar in the intestines of the child. A few drops of milk immediately after birth are a kind of vaccination against infections and viruses. Ideally the child receives breast milk throughout the first year of life. Pediatricians advise at least 6-months old child should not be feeding and not even give him water because it gets everything you need through breast milk. The introduction of other products in the diet can cause problems with lactation.

The strength of immunity is determined by the type of food

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

FoodFood is a major source of energy for the body. In periods of high load are needed such food products that help a person feel more cheerful and lift his mood. Moreover, chronic fatigue and stress weaken the immune system and makes the body more susceptible to disease.
When it comes to diet employed people, professionals usually emanate from the maxim as less time is devoted to feeding, more must be carefully selected food. What’s good and what is unacceptable to you? Indeed, you yourselves know very well because the body is the best advisor. Quite often in tense minutes to diversify with something, but no time to arm itself and to reach for sweet, biscuit or a cup of coffee. This reaction is totally justified. After a few sips of black drink or sweet temptation care and bitterness pass the background. Recent studies show that all types of carbohydrates (buns, biscuits, chocolate) have a calming effect. They increase the level of insulin, which causes the brain to produce more serotonin – a substance known for its soothing properties. A quick coffee certainly does brings us the body in readiness to bear more load.

If you have problems with the feet

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Woman FeetEspecially during the summer because high temperatures in many other problems occur in the legs. Depending on the organism and the reason for their appearance, these problems can be still divided into several main groups.
If you always have cold feet
After washing of the feet should be a special procedure. Legs are held 2 minutes in warm water, then a few seconds to cast in the cold. The procedure is repeated 3-4 times and ends with the obligatory cold rinse. These baths improve blood circulation, strengthen the vascular system and increase immunity.
If feet are dim
When inadequate hygiene are at risk of fungal infection. Feet it is better to wash with antibacterial soap, or at least deodorize and then be treated with salicylic powder or aerosol against smell of sweat. Socks must be changed every day, and shoes 2-3 days. When sweating feet help tanks with fresh cucumber, lemon peel and tea infusion. It is useful once a week to wash the feet with salts with juniper or oak bark.

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