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What is the advantage of Acuvue Advance Astigmatism Contact Lenses compared to the one-day contact lenses

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Woman FruitThe main disadvantage of “dailies” lenses is the lack of moisture and low oxygen permeability of the materials used in the lenses. Therefore, contact lenses’ manufacturers invent humidifiers, “included” in the lens, which are released during the day. Or vice versa, add such components that keep the existing moisture in the contact lenses. Modern long-lasting lenses are made of a better material – silicone and hydrogel. Such contact lenses have the highest rates of oxygen permeability, and this allows the increase of comfort, during continuous wearing – the eye lens is “breathing”. That’s why the Acuvue Advance Astigmatism Contact Lenses “win” over “one-day” contact lenses.

Eye Floaters

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

The eyesDefined in the modern lifestyle with vision problems are among the most common diseases. Working with a computer, wearing low-quality sunglasses and fatigue always lead to problems with vision. Today, however, will meet with Eye Floaters. Almost everyone has small bodies floating in the liquid of the eyeball, which too often resemble a powder that can be erased from your eyes. Almost all have varying degrees of Eye Floaters and generally no cause for afraid when you follow the light to the surface. Concern for Eye Floaters, can make when you start losing a part of your sight, even when viewing dark areas or in their daily activities. This may be a sign of retinal detachment, and you will begin to see lights and shadows different sight. In such a case it is advisable to consult a doctor to prescribe a particular treatment and research. Do not be afraid or worry. There are treatments for problems such as modern technology allows contactless treatment and remedy the problem with your Eye Floaters.

Which diseases can recognize in the eyes

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Eyes healthThe eyes are one of the most complex and mysterious of human body organs. In literature they are often called “mirror of the soul, but they can also be a mirror of the diseases that develop completely unnoticed in our body – at least according to alternative medicine. For example:
Strong puffy upper eyelids can not speak for the formation of gallstones.
Rheumy eyeballs with red vessels in the cornea are evidence of developing glaucoma.
If in eyes regularly appears sluzest white coating must be inspected for cataracts.
Small dark spots under eyes are a sign of the likelihood of the formation of kidney stones.
Sty or speak for any infection or misuse of greasy food, which impairs the performance of liver and bile.
If the skin under your eyes is violet or brown hue, this is a signal to check the kidneys, the level of blood glucose, thyroid and cardiovascular system.
Frequent blinking is a sign of uncertainty not only in themselves, but for any disease of the nervous system and liver.

If you have varicose veins, check retinal

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Eyes womanWhat kind of vitamins they need people with failing eyesight and eye diseases? Who should take vitamins for the eyes?
• All those who suffer from myopia and hypermetropia, people who are approaching, or have already passed the age of 40. During this period occur in aging blood vessels throughout the body, including eyes.
• People with varicose veins of the extension. Predisposition to blood clots is extremely dangerous to the retina of the eye.
• Patients with glaucoma and cataract. Vitamins are able to inhibit the development of these diseases in early stages.
• People with diabetes who inevitably striking the bodies of vision.
All eye drops with vitamins is applied only as prescribed by the treating specialist ophthalmologist. Vitamin drops are placed under a special scheme and should not be used continuously.

Transparency of the eye lens depends on the purity of blood

Friday, July 24th, 2009

Woman EyesThe Lenses of human eyes have no vascular system, ie the blood vessels. Their feeding is done through a transparent flow of intraocular fluid, which must contain in its composition only valuable substances and oxygen. Therefore, the purity of blood circulating in the blood Ruslan, depends on the transparency of eye lens. A purity of blood is related to the purity of the intestine and liver. By these authorities fully depends on human health. Unfortunately for the big 90 percent of the population due to poor nutrition, is suffering from dis-bacterilogic. This happens when you disturb the balance between normal and pathogenic microflor. To restore the normal microflor helps sprouting wheat. It contains all the necessary complex human natural vitamins and trace elements – calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, aluminum, iron, boron, zinc. Sprouting wheat as a hair brush clean any of the intestinal sheath. Some people, as a result of such evacuation have saved even polyps. Intestine is open, is normal microflor.

How to keep our eyes

Friday, July 24th, 2009

eyesThe pain, swelling around the eyes – these are obvious signs of eye strain. The most commonly exhaustion and excessive stress on the eyes is caused by incorrect – too bright or inadequate lighting. Experts advise to work with text in a room with soft top lighting, using an additional light source 75 or 100 watts. Problems may arise from light: incompact covered lamp casts glare on these walls and the paper on the table. Important is not to use cheap sunglasses: they protect the poor from harmful solar rays and can cause exhaustion. Also never forget periodically enable the eyes to rest: look anxiously at one point, just look at the sea thing. Avoid abrupt change of light: Do not watch TV in full darkness and do not use a flashlight to read the book. Work on your computer in low-lit room where the screen is no more than 3-4 times as bright from the main lighting. The monitor is good to be away from windows or other light sources and should be a slightly lower level at a distance 35-40 cm

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