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Stress is causing about 90% from the diseases

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Woman StressToday more than ever medicine tries to examine and treat accordingly human body as a whole. Increasingly, professionals looking for the root cause of one or other condition beyond the standard symptoms. Even as cellulite more often perceived as a private issue and is associated with poor balance of substances in the body and unhealthy lifestyles. The reasons leading to the formation of cellulite and are many and complex, but stress is a major, experts are confident. He is actually responsible for around 90 percent of the diseases considered modern medicine because immunity weakens and distorts the work of all systems in the body. Stress destroy many of the vitamins necessary for proper functioning of the cells to breach the metabolism and often leads to the emergence of obesity. All this has a negative impact on the psyche of man and his overall physical condition. Brings anxiety, depression, neurosis, emotional instability, decline or upswing in mood, agitation, aggression, anger, impaired memory, insomnia, chronic fatigue, etc. Causes of stress are numerous and varied. Most often stressful experiences are subjected to the inhabitants of large cities. Stress can be caused by all the major events in life: teaching, work, problems with your partner, or lack of such a breakup with him. Women more often than men are compared with other women and are often upset, thinking of insufficient attractive. This also leads to stress – a constant, chronic.

Sick teeth can cause many diseases

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

TeethAt first glance it seems almost impossible for a sick tooth launch a serious health problem. Medical practice, however, shows just the opposite. Here are some very real cases:
– Middle-aged man was admitted to hospital because of severe pain in the chest and suspected infarct condition. But cardiologists fail to find the cause of pain. Only consultation with the dentist found no problem that the man suffers from granolom and then cure the problem chest pain disappears.
– A woman about 40 years was admitted to the hospital in serious condition with a diagnosis of endocarditis (inflammation of the lining of the heart). Real cause of her condition turns out to be “ordinary” caries. Streptococci, found a favorable environment for development in the patient’s tooth, passing through the blood to the heart.
– Patient complains of atypical long bouts of bronchial asthma. The review has suggested that his condition is due to the patients teeth. After their cure, asthma attacks cease. The reason for the direct link between the patients teeth and similar diseases is often suffer tooth develops a large amount of microbes that are allergen. Falling in the lungs, they may even cause suffocation.
Cases described so far are not really common, but are very indicative of the danger.

Diseases often start by … thinks

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

couple thinkingCold weather is not helping the good mood. Our world seems grim, uncomfortable, devoid of color, and respiratory infections exhibit its activity. Colds and depression are often perceived as a given, which is useless to fight. But as some recent research, disease began to say in our head! If a person has depressed mood because of bad weather, troubles in life, stressful situations, it also affects his health. Immune system in this case is activated very slowly. If you have an optimistic attitude, then the immune cells are formed in much larger quantities and more actively protect the body. Therefore, biologists conclude that we can program your own body’s defense in favor of health. Use the power of thought, they advise. Suggests its permanent: “Durable and I will fight any infection. If you constantly “bringing in their subconscious that information, you can activate the immune system. Much can be achieved using autogenous training and yoga. And today, doctors at odds over the treatment of cold and cold. Cold is a good preventive tool – two opinions about it will! It sounds paradoxical, but this method has proven to be very effective: from time to time go out on the street for a few minutes only in a T-shirt even in cold weather. The cold stimulates immune cells and begin to actively proliferate. Even more noteworthy are the long walks in cold weather, but of course, well-dressed. Body reacts to cold air with increased circulation – resurgent defense mechanism. Of course, protect us from infections not only good mood and positive emotions. This period is very important and proper nutrition. Immune cells require vitamin C which is contained in large quantities especially in citrus fruits.

Which diseases can recognize in the eyes

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Eyes healthThe eyes are one of the most complex and mysterious of human body organs. In literature they are often called “mirror of the soul, but they can also be a mirror of the diseases that develop completely unnoticed in our body – at least according to alternative medicine. For example:
Strong puffy upper eyelids can not speak for the formation of gallstones.
Rheumy eyeballs with red vessels in the cornea are evidence of developing glaucoma.
If in eyes regularly appears sluzest white coating must be inspected for cataracts.
Small dark spots under eyes are a sign of the likelihood of the formation of kidney stones.
Sty or speak for any infection or misuse of greasy food, which impairs the performance of liver and bile.
If the skin under your eyes is violet or brown hue, this is a signal to check the kidneys, the level of blood glucose, thyroid and cardiovascular system.
Frequent blinking is a sign of uncertainty not only in themselves, but for any disease of the nervous system and liver.

Sunflower prevent versus high blood preasure

Friday, July 24th, 2009

SunflowerEat nuts five times a week, experts advise. Sunflower reduced levels of “bad” cholesterol and is recommended for high blood pressure. These studies show Intersnak Bulgaria, producer of branded nuts “Chi-pi. In the sunflower seeds come mainly unsaturated fatty acids – linolova (50-65%) and oleic (25-40%). They lead to the formation of so-called. “good” cholesterol, which are extremely useful in cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. When high cholesterol is recommended even walnuts and almonds, pumpkin seeds, cereals, fish, fruit and vegetables. Sunflower seeds are rich in magnesium. It activates enzymes that help the body use energy from food. Assists controlling blood pressure, regulation of body temperature and acid-alkaline balance. As a source of vitamin B sunflower is far more valuable than even some fishery resources. The presence of vitamin D makes it a great preventative against many diseases, including cancer. Protein of sunflower seeds have a high biological value, it is a source of other valuable nutrients. Milling and easily absorbed by the body.

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