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Macrobiotics diet is a healthy way of life

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Macrobiotics dietMacrobiotics diet is not just a diet, it is a way of life. If you like the idea of eating natural, organic, plant-based food and have a Zen-like spirituality this diet maybe for you. Originating in Japan, the macrobiotic diet is based on principles that combine Zen Buddhism and Western vegetarian diets. It is much more than a list of recommended foods, because it is based on the spirit which rises beyond lifestyle, attitudes and dietary practices. The word “macrobiotic” comes from Greek and means “long life” or “great life.”
What is the Macrobiotics diet?
The regime of macrobiotics diet supports Eastern philosophy of balancing the food in order to achieve a balance between yin and yang. To achieve this balance, foods are grouped in pairs based on how many are sour, sharp, salty, sweet or bitter. Yin foods are cold, sweet and passive, while yang foods are hot, salty, and aggressive. Some foods are banned because they contain toxins or are too remote from the idea of ​​Zen balance. Early versions of the macrobiotics diet included several stages, which became progressively more restrictive and ended with a diet of brown rice and water – which was considered at the final stage of balance between yin and yang. Today Americanized version is amended vegetarian eating plan.
Although not scientifically proven, a macrobiotics diet of good, nutritious foods can protect you from cancer and other chronic diseases. Practitioners of a macrobiotics diet prefer locally grown natural food prepared and eaten in the traditional way – baked, boiled or steamed. Many grains, vegetables, beans, fermented soy beans and soups – to which are added small amounts of fish, nuts, seeds and fruit – are the foundation of the menu in this diet. Other natural products may include the coordination of individual needs or during the transition in the diet.


The diet also allows you to eat certain fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplants and peppers in limited quantities. Excluded from the diet foods are considered extreme, excessive stimulation or too concentrated and therefore are not suitable for achieving balance. The supplements of vitamins and minerals frowns, but achieve nutritional balance may not be possible without them. Consult a registered dietitian to help you balance your yin and yang and nutritional integrity of the dietary plan. Otherwise it may be that there is a deficit of some important nutrient.
Here is what contains a typical macrobiotic diet:
– Whole grains, especially brown rice: 50-60%;
– Vegetables (and seaweed): 25-30%;
– Beans: 5-10%;
– Fish, nuts, seeds, fruits: 5-20%;
– Soup (made from the above ingredients): 1-2 cups daily.
How it works
Followers of the macrobiotics diet believe that food and food quality affect health, happiness and prosperity. Eating natural food that is closer to the ground and less refined and is healthy for the body and soul. One goal is to become more aware of the food you eat and how it affects your life.

Why Pierre Dukan Diet was claimed as not healthy?

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Pierre Dukan Diet The Pierre Dukan Diet is one of the most popular diets in recent times, which promises permanent weight loss – created by a French nutritionist Pierre Dukan, by many is considered harmful and ineffective in terms of health and actual weight loss. In essence, the diet of Dukan requires adherence to four basic stages of the diet – eating only protein, transition to joint intake of meat and vegetables, the release of carbohydrates, followed by a permanent stage, with one day a week that is not a  protein meal.

The nutritionists, however, quickly explained that  carbohydrates are an essential part of human intake of nutrients that underpin the food pyramid. When a person reduces or completely excludes carbs from their diet, it reduces body weight, but at the expense of water in the body. The processes of the loss of  body fats is quick but the lack of water in the body is noticeable especially in the face  and be very harmful to our health, allowing diseases to take hold in our body.  When we return to our normal diet or different foods, the body quickly begins to recover lost amounts of water, and the weight quickly returns.

What Makes Energy Drinks Work?

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

What Makes Energy Drinks WorkWell, most of us have tried an energy drink and have probably pondered the question ‘what makes energy drinks work?” Have you ever had a Red Bull, or a Monster Energy drink and wondered, why does this make me feel this way? Well, we have too, and the answer is quite simple. Like any other stimulant, pre-workout supplement or energy drink, the active ingredient is caffeine mixed in with a little flavoring. Some of the products do have extra ingredients that are beneficial, but that is rarely why they are purchased. Especially when it comes to pre workout supplements since they have a very specific purpose.

Lots of people are simply drinking Red Bulls now a days because they like the taste, and they really don’t even affect their energy anymore. It’s amazing to see people continue drinking energy drinks when it’s clear they aren’t doing anything for them; maybe it’s an addiction. Well that could be so, to this question of what makes energy drinks work, as most of us love a coffee to give us a boost throughout the day and this is just another form of taking caffeine.

The Diet Solution, One Solution For Many Problems

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Diet WomanAre you suffering from overweight, high blood pressure, cholesterol and constipation? Then go for The Diet Solution to get rid of it permanently. It has the guideline of your meals you should take or avoid. It is not only helpful to lose your body fats but ensure you to increase energy, vitamin and health at the same time. First of all you have to identify your metabolic type to make your meal plan. Amount of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, depend on the metabolic type of a person. Eliminate the harmful foods immediately and take plenty of foods that are good for your health alternatively.
First of all you are advised to avoid foods that contain hydrogenated fats while you are going for The Diet Solution. These types of foods are cookies, margarine, cereals, chips and cracks or any type of snacks. Immediately avoid processed soy food that is dangerous for your health. You can take sweeteners with beverages if advised by experts because your body should have enough calories. Take just two cups of coffee daily. It is best for you to eliminate alcohol permanently or you can take one glass per week. You will only be benefited if you eliminate the foods that create problems in your body.
Make it sure that you are taking plenty of alternative foods so that you can get lot of energy and vitality while dieting. Lot of vegetables and fruits are the main substitute foods for your health. Your recommended foods should be like organic meat and poultry, raw chocolate, stevia, sprouted breads, organic egg, avocado, fish, raw nuts, butter, raw dairy products, baked sweet potatoes etc. Krill or flaxseed, salmon and cod liver are the Omega 3 oil which is the preferred for you. Many diet solution programs are there to make The Diet Solution Program perfect and effective for lifetime. Don’t forget to study about the pros and cons of the diet solution you are going to take.

How to keep your weight after diet

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Woman EatingAnyone who has tried knows – the maintenance of weight after the diet is more difficult than just weight loss. Properly chosen diet certainly contributes to faster or slower weight loss, but of course we can not guarantee that the lost weight will return. So after the diet must be followed certain proportions, the menu is varied gradually. Any nutritionist will confirm that to maintain your weight, you should remove the reason is overweight. The biggest challenge is to resist the smell and the type of mass catering, others who eat with great appetite, alcohol, which prevents to control the quantity of food. If you do not handle the negative result is guaranteed – collapse, overeating and regain the previous weight, and in many cases even higher weight. Some medicaments from the modern industry is giving you the ability to lose weight fast and to keep your weight. The pills ECA Xtreme helps you to lose weight fast and to reach you goals with you perfect weight. The other products are also supporting the weight losing, such as Ephedrine HCL 25mg, which is increasing the oxygen intake in opening of your breathing passageways.

How to keep your motivation to follow diet

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Diet girlIt is clear: the motivation is something good and necessary. But sometimes seemed erratic – goes exactly where it’s not we want – in the middle of so good a weight loss program. And we are doing as well. Then, one day just the right direction and losing all interest in moving forward in the direction. I just noticed that our pants started to become wider and everything collapsed. And so we want to continue with the diet. But day after day, our best intentions slip and can not figure out how to motivate again. It is interesting how when motivation is high, a person feels full of energy, focused, driven to act decisively. Nothing can stand in our path and always moving in the right direction and doing things completely. But once you lose motivation, inertia prevails. We continue to say that we want to change, but we can not even go out the door. A packet of chips seems more easily achievable and desirable in planning, measuring and cooking. And yet – how to reclaim and motivation to stick to pre-selected program:
First, it is important to realize: the motivation is not constant. Do not “get” or riding freely, but must continually strive to maintain it. For this reason it is strictly an individual, ie everyone should find their own. Instead of depending on external crises which we operate, we can find a way to get up – cause reactions, to be energizing to the end, to achieving our goals. Indeed, motivation is an opportunity, not a burden or something annoying. Only with this attitude we can find the forces we need to support it.
Here are some ideas that can help us:

Honey helps for losing weight

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

HoneyHoney is rich in different nutrients. Centuries as it heal wounds, lung and gynecological, skin and heart disease. According to statistics in about one third of the drugs used honey bee venom, propolis, beeswax. In a drop of honey contained more than 70 important to the human body substances are the main carbohydrates – glucose and fructose, which unlike ordinary sugar used by the body much more easily contribute to the preservation of muscle strength and normal growth.
Honey and diet
Indeed this very caloric product can be used regularly and simultaneously weakening. It contains enzymes that stimulate digestive processes and improve the metabolism, which helps to reduce weight. Contained in the copper proteins involved in the formation of hormones. Mineral substances regulate the nervous system, respiratory tissues and the production of blood. Regular use of honey enhances the immune system.
Honey and computer
Using honey can protect your eyes from redness, fatigue and computer radiation. Honey is capable enters the body through the skin. Place linden honey on their fingertips and for 5-6 minutes rub the neck to the redness. If honey absorbed, repeat the procedure two or three times. If this area of the body constantly absorbs copper, it means that you lack any nutrients. If honey is not absorbed, prepare your hot tub (35-40 degree water) and lie in it for 10-15 minutes. Repeat procedure twice a week – it has a beneficial effect of the glass body of the eye and improves vision.

Proper metabolism depends on the type of food

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Diet ReviewsIn people with obesity always comes a time when the accumulated weight have increasingly greater impact on the appearance and activity of various organs. According to the specialists Dieting Tips, the unloaders days have effective only briefly. Why is that? This issue have tried to meet scientists from the American Institute of Nutrition and overweight. The results of their long and extensive study has confirmed the statement by many nutritionists believe that the secret of good figure is balanced metabolism. The Diet Reviews are telling that the lack of such balance and can lead to weight than normal, and extreme weakness. The main problem with nutritionists to give universal advice on diet comes from the individual characteristics of each organism. Everyone absorb nutrients differently and therefore consumes energy so accumulated. It is quite easy to normalize your weight with Colon Cleansing, which are balancing your metabolism. In slower absorption of energy expenditure is lower, namely unspent calories cause weight per person to rise, even if it is fed plenty. Experts advise in this case the food to dominate small amounts of carbohydrates and more rapid processing proteins (poultry, fish). Other suitable people for this kind of foods are soy products, those containing many fiber (carrots, beets, bad, cucumbers) and various milk derivatives, but with lower fat content. People whose body has accelerated metabolism, respectively “burn” faster energy. Scientists say this is due to a higher level of adrenaline and thyroid hormones in the body.

Diet against osteoporosis

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

OsteoporosisCan a diet to fight against osteoporosis? It has been shown that regular physical activity and diet rich in calcium and vitamin D, prevents osteoporosis. This insidious disease withers 1 / 3 of women in the world, but can it be prevented. Unhealthy lifestyles, which lead people, especially Western Europeans, leading to high morbidity rate of osteoporosis, a progressive increase. Low physical activity and high consumption of animal protein (meat and dairy products) are the main risk factors for osteoporosis, or “quiet thief who robbed 25% of the skeleton, as it is called disease. Postmenopausal women suffer most and have an increased risk of broken bones. Thinning of the bones, along with age, can be avoided or at least delayed through the adoption of certain changes in lifestyle. One of them is sufficient to obtain such mineral calcium from an early age, not only to remember when old. The main error in the diet of modern man is the consumption of large amounts of animal protein (meat and dairy products) and inadequate plant foods (fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes, nuts).

Nikole Kidman’s Diet

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Nikole Kidman DietThe U.S. actress Nicole Kidman was born in Hawaii on June 20, 1967, is a big supporter of a balanced diet. When attitude decides otslavba, Hollywood star is a 14-day diet that decrease 8 kg.
Prohibited foods: Alcohol, sugar, salt.
Recommended foods: Mineral (or boiled) water – at least liter and a half day.
Result: During the first week removed 4-5 kg in a second – up to 200 grams a day, but the effect is prolonged.
The diet:
1 day: Breakfast – 1 cup coffee; Lunch – 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 tomato, raw spinach; Dinner – boiled or stewed meat (chicken, beef) and a green salad.
2 days: Breakfast – 1 cup of coffee, hardtack; Lunch – stew meat (beef or chicken); Dinner – ham, low fat yogurt.
3 days: Breakfast – 1 cup coffee; Lunch – 1 head celery (Stewed or boiled); Dinner – 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 shredded carrots, cheese low-fat.

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