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Can pregnancy cause depression?

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

can pregnancy cause depressionThe question of ‘can pregnancy cause depression’ is a good one and we discuss some of the reasons in this article. The popular claim that pregnant women are happier is often wrong. In many women, pregnancy is associated with many negative emotions that affect their  mental and emotional state, so you can say that depression is as common in expectant mothers, as in all other women.
Can pregnancy cause depression can be answered below
– If the woman is generally prone to developing depression, this will continue during her pregnancy
– A young pregnant woman has a greater is the risk of  the occurrence of depression
– Women who do not have someone to share the thrills about what is happening can find this saddening and lead to depression
– Lack of support and support from the father of the baby or the family or encouragement  in the direction of her decision to become a parent
– Bad relationship with the  father
– Doubts about how her life will change after the baby is born, eg career and financial position
The main signs that a pregnant woman is depressed, is a lack of interaction with others, loss of desire to do normal everyday chores, lack of sleep and general sadness.

How to threat winter depression

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Woman DepressedThe people’s property from time to time to fall into depression, which is completely natural and law-for example, in some situations, a divorce or failing an important exam. The depression has now become the “fashionable” disease. It is almost “elegant” to say “I’m depressed” and thereby justify the lack of enthusiasm or total employment decreases vitality. This “fashion” there is however a double role. On the one hand people suffering from depression, experiencing less pressure and greater understanding of others, and – depression began to be called any kind of boredom and thus the disease seemed to come from the list of serious problems. And should not the case. There are different ways for the classification of depression. One of the most common is based on the frequency of its occurrence. A single case of depression caused by one reason or another, is called “depression”. Prolonged, but slight depression – dysthymia, and depression, occurring from time to time – “recurrent”. In all the Nordic countries particularly significant problem is the “seasonal depression”, which is a form of recurrent. It is completely incorrect is the notion that seasonal depression occur in spring and autumn and are caused by almost any unexplained factors. In fact, most seasonal depressions occur in winter and they are caused by some “the most banal” natural phenomena:

Bananas, walnuts and chocolate threat depression

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Banana ChocolateThey are a real alternative to antidepressants drugs, say scientists from the Belgian Institute for Health Protection. “Some foods contain large amounts of hormones that increase the conduction of nerve impulses. If a person prefers them and they often appear in his diet, he became more prone to depression. The body only seeks to heal, “said the Belgian experts. According to them very good natural alternative to antidepressants are chocolate, bananas and walnuts: “Not surprisingly, Belgium, where depression associated with lack of sunshine are common, is considered one of the places where chocolate was created a menu of Scandinavian bananas are everyday life. ” Several studies show a direct link between nutrition and mental disorders. There are even special diets designed to be used in their treatment. Honey in combination with nuts do is useful to increase potency, according to a British study, cited by BBC. Scientists advise each day to take 2-3 hours before sleep rn 100 g walnuts, mixed with a spoonful of honey.

Depression threats

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

DepressionWhether you would be aware of your condition if you suffer from depression? Placing such a diagnosis is difficult even for specialists, because there are a number of other conditions that mimic the symptoms and course of the disease. Feeling depressed? Unfortunately, you are certainly not just you. As a rule, female sex is up to 2 times more affected by depression than men. In fact, every fourth woman falls into that state at some point in her life, hard statistics.
How do we know if we are just sad or depressed?
Sadness and anxiety are feelings that everyone experiences. In contrast, depression is a specific clinical condition that affects the functioning of your body, mood and thoughts. In order to be placed really serious depression diagnosis should feel extremely sad or apathetic to the world around you. It must also meet at least four of the following seven criteria:
• Sharp are gaining or losing weight or your appetite without being challenged him for his purpose.
• Insomnia or excessive sleepiness.
• Unusual lethargy or agitation and difficulty getting out of bed.
• Living lack of energy and chronic fatigue.
• Low or unreasonable evaluations of guilt.
• Difficulty in concentration, thinking and decision making.
• Common suicidal thoughts

How to overcome the Autumn Depression

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Depressed WomanThe Autumn produces different feelings. Some welcome this season of joy, others – with great disappointment. In some people this season occurred depression, which is exacerbated by rains and cold weather – it’s getting dark earlier, the body senses the lack of sunlight. Here are some tips that will help in combating depression, or simply – with a bad mood:
1. Plan already winter or spring holiday. Select where you want to go look for more information about opportunities and what you will find a place.
2. He built his weekend away from home or short trips interesting.
3. Many people helping and shopping – especially for women walking to the shops often smile back. Shopping will increase your mood and will cause a feeling of joy.
4. Change the thing in itself – in the hair, clothing, perfume and change. And it will load with positive energy.

7 reasons for the chronic fatigue

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

chronic fatigueAt least say scientists from the hospital of St. George University of London. In their study they analyzed blood samples of patients suffering from this syndrome. It turns out that there are 7 genetic variants of chronic fatigue, each of which is manifested by certain symptoms.
• For the first type is characterized by increased levels of anxiety, depression, insomnia,
• the second – fatigue after physical exertion and pain in joints and muscles.
• The third type can be defined as the most beneficial – it is manifested in the form of increased fatigue only with the advent of the evening.
• The fourth is manifested by moderate muscle pain after loading and slight insomnia
• fifth – with muscle weakness and disorder in digestion.
• For the sixth characteristic is the constant feeling of general fatigue and

The grief protects your mentality

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Woman GriefThe Grief is part of life and as we try to ignore its presence, the more difficult to deal with it. Human beings cope with the loss of a close through three distinct but mutually penetrating phases. The first is shock (refusing to accept what happened, the second – anger or depression, the third – an understanding or acceptance. Whatever the loss – unrealized by telephone conversation to the death of a loved one, your body goes through three phases, but with different durations. How You can move more easily through the process of grief:
– Accept the loss and understand the feelings that rush you. Ignoring emotions can lead to emotional and mental problems later
– Be creative in expressing their emotions. Write a story, even a book, paint, sing, make a photo album.
– Try not to destroy his body, while treating the soul – do exercise, sleep enough
– Avoid the use of sedatives and alcohol to deal with grief
– Allow yourself to express grief – crying, laugh, cry, break plates.

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