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Coffee sometimes can be more healthy than fruits

Friday, February 19th, 2010

CoffeeAfter analysis of the impact on human beings of different foods (including fruits, vegetables and nuts), researchers found that their benefits are significantly less than 1.2 cups of coffee. “Antioxidants contained in this drink are able to resist diseases such as diabetes and successfully combat the free radicals that deplete the structure of cells, say the authors of the publication in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine. Antioxidants are natural or nature identical compounds which prevent oxidation of the active compounds in the cells of the body, which reduces the risk of developing various diseases, including related to the chemical, physical, radiological, bacteriological and other environmental factors. Is another interesting fact from the published research – that are equally useful and coffee with and without caffeine. According to statistics daily average use grown-up 1299 mg antioxidants from coffee (drank an average of 1.64 cups of coffee). His closest “rival” is tea in one cup of which contains 294 mg, followed by bananas (76 mg), mature beans (72 mg) and maize (48 mg). Scientists indicate the recommended daily norm coffee – a cup and a half and warned that it should not replace other products needed for the organism.

Who should give up from coffee?

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Woman CoffeeSince childhood we are convinced that coffee is harmful because it increases blood pressure and although several new studies showed that moderate use does not cause injury either hypertensive or healthy people, this remains a controversial drink. In fact, blood pressure to rise 15-20 minutes after drinking a cup of coffee, but as it appears that its effect is negligible and only very briefly. It can not be talking about negative effects of coffee on people suffering from hypertension or even less – for provoking a hypertensive crisis. Modern studies show that 1 to 4 cups of coffee is not detrimental to health but if the daily limit (ie more than 300 ml) is crossed, you may experience serious problems. When women can disrupt the menstrual cycle. People suffering from cardiac arrhythmia, episodes of nausea, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous tics, insomnia, increased levels of nervousness and anxiety should also be very attentive to this drink. We must not forget that caffeine is contained in many of confectionery, soft drinks, ice cream and in some medicinal preparations. On the other hand can not be denied that in many cases, coffee has a beneficial effect on health. Its use helps to focus attention, improve mood, increase vitality, relieve headache condition, the muscles of the airways and stimulating work of muscles.

5 tips for feeding in stress days

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

CoffeeAs we engaged in, the harder it is to find time to take care of themselves. And very soon, healthy eating habits remain in the background. That’s why we selected these 25 very easy to follow rules for healthy eating – they allow you to eat properly even in the days when they are so busy that driving on autopilot. If you follow them, you will immediately get seven meals a day, fruit and vegetables, all the calcium you need, many fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, abundant antioxidants and many other useful substances. And this will reduce the risk of cancer, stroke, heart failure and diabetes, will have more energy, a fresh mind and you will avoid infections in the urinary system.
First: Suppose that is a normal workday and you’re more busy than ever. Now try our simple advice!
Healthy nutrition tips: 6:00: Wake up. For the last time you disconnect the alarm and feeling the walls are the way to the kitchen:

Long workday is harmful for women

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Workday WomenLong working hours and extra hours spent at work are borne more heavily than women and have more harmful effects on health of the fair sex, according to research by British scientists from Cambridge University (University of Cambridge). As a result of increased stress in the workplace, more women smoke cigarettes, drink more coffee and consume harmful food. Interesting findings of the study is that both men and women drink less alcohol when they have to work a lot. In women, however, increases the desire for more abundant and unhealthy eating. Experts say that women who work longer, eat less calorie and fat foods and less engaged in physical exercise, women smokers smoke more cigarettes, while the length of working day does not affect focused on sport for men, the number of cigarettes smoked or tried their coffee. A group of scientists led by Prof. Daryl O’Connor (Daryl O `Connor) have been studied in particular the impact of stress on the nutritional behavior. It turns out that the events causing the most stress – prepare for a manifestation, a meeting with the boss, behind schedule, compel women are more likely to eat between meals, as logically prefer foods that satisfy your appetite quickly.

Instant Coffee is more healthy

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Coffee InstantInstant coffee is coffee and useful to science today remains controversial drink. Long time it was considered to be entirely harmful to health. Recently emerged and research showing that in certain cases, it is useful – to prevent elderly sclerosis and diabetes, to improve potency. To this list was soon added a further property of coffee – it turned out that it contains a large amount of ballast substances that are not processed by chemical compounds play an important role in digestion and maintain the level of sugar in the blood. According to experts every day person needs 25 g of ballast substances, such shortages lead to intestinal problems. According to many previously published information about nutritious substances coffee contains ballast substances. Spanish scientists believe they have put a point on this controversy, they have proven that the drink (brewed or instant coffee) contains the cellulose and soluble sugars, which are ballast substances.

Coffee prevent caries

Monday, August 17th, 2009

CoffeeThe results of the study of Italian researchers showed that the drink, considered by many one of the most harmful, in fact delayed the process of destruction of the teeth, reported BBC. After conducting a series of laboratory tests, scientists from the University of Microbiologists Ascoli reach the conclusion that coffee prevent the emergence and development of caries. They argue that the hot beverages containing caffeine, has not only excitant action which helps to facilitate waking up morning and enhance employability. In their coffee kills bacteria that cause the emergence and development of caries.

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