Quit Smoking the Electronic Way

Electronic CigarettesIf you are a non-smoker like me and is always bothered by the disturbing smoke emitted by smokers, then be relieved that now there is a device made especially for smokers that respect our health. This electronic Smoking device was invented by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in 2003 and was introduced in the market by 2004. Physically, it is not that different from an actual cigarette.
Most models even light up at their ends to appear like a real one. What differs this device from the actual cigarette is its functions. First of all, it is usually purchased as a part of a kit and comes in many different brands just like real cigarettes. This kit consists of rechargeable batteries, a battery charger, a cigarette device and cartridge packs. The batteries must be charged every night and the cartridge should also be replaced when necessary.
Although it sounds more complicated than just buying a pack of cigarettes, it is actually less time consuming and money saving. However, there are also disposable devices that come in a cheaper price. They help smokers save money as well as making the right choice. This device still contains nicotine, but users are able to set at which nicotine level that they prefer. It is considered as a safe cigarette as it does not emit second-hand smoke.
It also contains no tobacco, carbon monoxide, tar and all those other cancer causing chemicals that are usually found in actual cigarettes. Smokers find it convenient as it is not restricted under smoking bans since the mist is nearly odorless which does not bother people around them. Even though brand manufacturers of this device do point out that it is not for those who wish to quit smoking, but those that have continuously used this device have claimed to be smoking less or kick the habit altogether.

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