Bolt Burdon Kemp Solicitors for Negligant Claims

Bolt Burdon Kemp SolicitorsBolt Burdon Kemp Solicitors have built a great reputation in negigant claims Ask someone what they think of a solicitor and you can receive a very varied response. There does tend to be a stigma about solicitors, their mannerisms, what they stand for, what they will do to get there. This is particularly the case when you are on the receiving end it. However I recently came across an entirely new side to solicitors, one I did not realise existed.
Last week I read that a middle aged man was suing his solicitor after he had suffered a spinal injury in a car crash was seeking to make an injury claim as compensation. He had requested that his solicitor make a claim for him, but it was left until after the three year time limit since the incident had happened. This then meant that he missed out the chance to make his claim and receive any kind of compensation for his injury.
BBKDue to this he chose to file a law suit against them, citing a professional negligence claim as his reasoning for doing so. He had good grounds to work from too; the severe mal practice delivered from his solicitors meant that he had a strong claim, one which ended successfully thanks to the comparatively excellent service of Bolt Burdon Kemp Solicitors, a legal firm that specialises in negligence claims from medical malpractice to banking and solicitor issues.
It must have been a refreshing change for the gentleman making the claim, going from a clearly unprofessional firm to a ‘no win no fee’ organization seeking to win him justice. It was also pointed out that Bolt Burdon Kemp Solicitors claim structure is financially beneficial also, as they have good relationships with various insurance companies, meaning infamously high legal costs for solicitors generally is kept very low indeed.
So I certainly learnt a lesson when reading that, finding out something new about the legal goings on and revealed negligence in that field. But never fear, if you are ever a victim of this type of mal practice there are ways and companies out there that can help you resolve it and get the compensation you deserve.

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