What causes anemia and symptoms

What causes anemia When the number of red blood cells and the amount of blood pigment hemoglobin in them are low is what causes anemia. The hemoglobin is the pigment in the blood which contains iron and transports oxygen from the lungs to cells.  Carbon dioxide is released from cells to the lungs. There are various reasons why we ask what causes anemia –  not enough  iron in the diet, excessive blood loss or persistent minor bleeding, incomplete absorption of iron from food in the intestines, vitamin deficiency (B12 and others.).
In anemia due to deficiency of hemoglobin, which is most often the first signs are fatigue, physical weakness, headache, dizziness, sometimes shortness of breath and problems with cardiovascular activity. Sores may occur  in the corners of the mouth, splitting of the lips without any reason and thinning and brittle nails. Pale skin does not always accompany the anemia that is also a characteristic of severe anemia.
In iron deficiency anemia the body can not produce enough hemoglobin. What causes anemia in most women is the loss of iron during their monthly cycle that necessitates the consumption of foods with high iron content (Fe).
Once what causes anemia is treated quickly and successfully with medication,  their effect can be significantly strengthened by regular consumption of red meat, fruit and vegetables, which collect the necessary anti-anemia factors (iron, manganese, copper, etc..)

Iron content in mg per 100g of fruits:

Apple – 2.9; pear – 3.0, quince – 3.0; cherry – 2.0 cherry – 2.0; plum – 15.0; Apricot – 4.8; peach – 5.0; dogwood – 4.1; grapes – 7.0; hips – 10.0; Strawberry – 9.0; orange – 15.0, lemon – 17.0, -18.0 banana, fig – 32 0.
Apple, except that it contains iron and facilitates its absorption from other sources and imported as medicine.
In fruits also contain certain quantities of manganese (raspberry – 4.6 mg). No less important is consisting copper: currants – 1.0 mg, Raspberry – 0.83 mg; strawberry – 0.45 mg and others.
Iron, manganese and copper also contain vegetables: salad, beetroot and other colored carrots, spinach, nettle, radishes and turnips, lentils, peas, cucumbers and more.
Other foods helpful with curing anemia are eggs, fish, seafood, cheese, beef  liver, whole grain bread and whole wheat flour products.

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