Different types of relaxation therapy massages

Relaxation TherapyThe massage is well known since ancient times and has different effects on the body and spirit, the most popular is relaxation therapy  massages. It is used in the treatment and stress, giving you relaxation but also may give you pleasure and emotion. There are quite a few different types of massages and we will introduce you in this article some of the most common relaxation therapy techniques.
The Classical massage is also known as Swedish massage. It is one of the most popular in Western Europe and USA. The Classical massage is made by using different oils for relaxation of muscle tension, tone and relax the body. It improves blood circulation, stimulates the immune system and eliminates fatigue. Also the massage can be done on the whole body or partial – only on the back, neck and shoulders.
The Therapeutic massage with honey, is another very useful and really great relaxation therapy. This technique  uses honey as a massage tool, which helps the skin to absorb the honey’s nutrients. The Therapeutic massage combines special techniques with beneficial effects of honey and after the massage the skin looks fresh and toned. The massage with honey is highly effective for joint problems, insomnia, depression and fatigue.

The Apitherapy can be seen as a cosmetic procedure, which strengthens the skin.

More Relaxation Therapy Massages

The Relaxing massage works on a specific part of the body surface and  through the channels of the nervous system is associated with the corresponding part of the body organs. The massage is relaxing and has analgesicrelief for different types of diseases in all the organs of the human body.
Ayurveda is an Indian massage,  with the main purpose of relaxation plus the feeling of pleasure. The massage causes no pain and the effect is a true feast for the senses. It relaxes and releases the neck, shoulders and face of  tension. There are various types of Ayurveda massages, the most polular are Abhayanga and Shirodhara. Many spa centers offer such beautiful relaxing massages, which will fully relax all the muscles and joints.
Yumeiho Massage is relaxation therapy, th increase of the name means  ‘body vitality by returning to the nature’. Its main purpose is to restore the natural balance in the body through massage and adjusting techniques of gymnastic exercises for relaxation of the muscles and the bones.
Thai massage is one of the most ancient methods to impact on the energy meridians and energy passing along them.
Definitely there are many types of massages and all of them bring relaxation of the muscles, feeding your body with energy.

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