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What causes anemia and symptoms

Friday, May 4th, 2012

What causes anemia When the number of red blood cells and the amount of blood pigment hemoglobin in them are low is what causes anemia. The hemoglobin is the pigment in the blood which contains iron and transports oxygen from the lungs to cells.  Carbon dioxide is released from cells to the lungs. There are various reasons why we ask what causes anemia –  not enough  iron in the diet, excessive blood loss or persistent minor bleeding, incomplete absorption of iron from food in the intestines, vitamin deficiency (B12 and others.).
In anemia due to deficiency of hemoglobin, which is most often the first signs are fatigue, physical weakness, headache, dizziness, sometimes shortness of breath and problems with cardiovascular activity. Sores may occur  in the corners of the mouth, splitting of the lips without any reason and thinning and brittle nails. Pale skin does not always accompany the anemia that is also a characteristic of severe anemia.
In iron deficiency anemia the body can not produce enough hemoglobin. What causes anemia in most women is the loss of iron during their monthly cycle that necessitates the consumption of foods with high iron content (Fe).
Once what causes anemia is treated quickly and successfully with medication,  their effect can be significantly strengthened by regular consumption of red meat, fruit and vegetables, which collect the necessary anti-anemia factors (iron, manganese, copper, etc..)


What is Peppermint Oil used for

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

What is Peppermint oil used forIn answer to the question what is peppermint oil used for we can tell you it is one of the oldest herbal medicines used in traditional medicine and is non-expensive and completely natural.  The oil is taken from the peppermint tree. Many people find the taste minty and refreshing. The peppermint oil is now added in many industrial products because of it’s intrinsic chemical properties. We can find it in drugs, gels, shampoos, toothpaste, mouthwash, repellents, cigarettes, ice cream, chewing gum and herbal teas. It is scientifically proven that peppermint oil helps relieve many common ailments and complaints. Recent studies show significant positive results in the ability of the mint to treat some various diseases.
The peppermint oil is well known and popular for its fresh flavor. It contains chemicals Menton, menthol and mint. Rich in vitamin C and A and also contains large amounts of the minerals manganese, potassium and copper. These unique chemical and nutritional properties of peppermint oil make it ideal for antimicrobial, antiseptic, antibacterial and  use.  We now answer what is peppermint oil used for in the field of our health?

What is Peppermint oil used for and Health Benefits

Relieves headaches
Applying a few drops of peppermint oil on a handkerchief and inhaled the scent of it demonstrably helps to relieve headaches. Another option is to massage the forehead, temples and neck with a few drops of oil to reduce symptoms.
Useful for mouth and teeth
Peppermint oil is added to toothpaste and mouthwash due to its antibacterial properties. It helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease and contributes to the whiteness of teeth. Mentonat helps to deal with bad breath. If we hurt his tooth and kapnem few drops of peppermint oil, it will help relieve the pain. Preparing a solution of a few drops of oil with water and rinsing the mouth with the mixture is a good method of maintaining excellent oral hygiene.
For digestive problems
Shown Peppermint oil supports healthy digestion, prevents bloating, nausea, diarrhea, heartburn and flatulence. It relieves stomach muscles and digestive system and effectively used in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis, stomach ulcers and stomach pain.
For a healthy urinary tract
Peppermint oil helps fight infections, making it especially useful in preventing and treating urinary tract infections.

Soto sum up as to  what is peppermint used for, we have learnt that it has huge benefits for our health and well being, non-expensive and a natural herbal medicine.

What is allergic rhinitis?

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

allergic rhinitisWhat is allergic rhinitis is a commonly asked question and it  is an inflammation of the nasal mucus, which may be caused by agents in the air.
Allergic inflammation is caused by a particular allergen, characterized by runny nose, nasal congestion, nasal itching and sneezing. Depending on the duration of allergenic exposure, they are divided into:
– seasonal allergic rhinitis – hay fever
– perennial allergic rhinitis
– Occupational allergic rhinitis
Infectious rhinitis:
– acute infectious rhinitis is viral with secondary bacterial infection.
– chronic infectious rhinitis is when symptoms last for 8-12 weeks and often affect the sinuses.
Other rhinitis (non-allergic and non-infectious):
– idiopathic – it is perennial with an unknown cause. It can be provoked by cold air and negative emotions.
– rhinitis with nasal polyps – meeting with asthma and intolerance to aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs) NSAIDs intolerance without asthma, chronic infectious rinosinuit
– professional non-allergic
– hormonal – during pregnancy and puberty, thyroid dysfunction
– medicated – prolonged use of nose drops, sniffing cocaine, use of different drugs such as blood pressure lowering drugs, oral contraceptives, NSAIDs
– rhinitis induced by food – for example, chronic consumption of spicy and hot foods and alcohol
– “Emotional” rhinitis – causes of stress and sexual arousal


So we now know what is allergic rhinitis and what causes it to affect us.


Food containing calcium for strong bones and teeth

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

Food containing calciumCalcium aids the health of teeth and bones and  is something most of us know about food containing calcium. But not everyone knows that only drinking milk can not provide the necessary dose of calcium for our bodies.  Calcium is the only trace element in our daily requirements that is not measured in milligrams and grams and therefore the required rate can not fit in a single tablet. And as for all vitamins and minerals, experts first recommend that they be provided with adequate nutrition.
According to recent recommendations the daily recommendation is 1.2 g of calcium daily.  Higher doses are recommended for nursing mothers and women over 50 years or age or experiencing menopause  to prevent osteoporosis.


Food containing calcium

Of course the primary food  is milk. To ensure we need to drink 4-5 cups per day which will contain about 1.2g. People who do not like milk there is a rich assortment of dairy products available such as cheese, yogurts, etc. Providing the amount of calcium is only half the task. We also require vitamin D and sunlight, which increases the absorption of this vitamin. Therefore, research shows that many people living with great exposure to sunlight do not suffer from calcium deficiency as often as their body can absorb fully what is naturally in their diet. . If you do not like dairy products, eating beans that contain calcium, magnesium and phosphorus can help. Another good source of calcium are soy products.
Canned fish and meat bone broths are also rich in this mineral, and for dessert the most suitable figs and almonds.

Food containing calcium can help prevent

This severe disease associated with reduced bone density is difficult to cure, but it can be successfully prevented by eating food containing calcium. The basis of prevention is the consumption of calcium and regular exercise.
Hypertension is often caused by the lack of  calcium. If your blood has begun to rise for 1-2 weeks on calcium tablets after the consultation of a doctor, then review your diet and increase the amount of calcium through the selection of appropriate foods.
Colon and pancreas Cancer
According to recent recommendations, people are at high risk of these diseases should increase food containing calcium and  take  calcium medications.  They should increase the use of products rich in magnesium and phosphorus

Propecia hair loss to cure male pattern baldness

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Propecia hair loss

Propecia hair loss a way to cure baldness?

Propecia hair loss treatment is a prescription drug to help stop hair loss. For a majority of men, going bald is a fact of life. Accepting this condition is easier for some men, but for others it can be a stressful period to get through. So what’s the best option for men who want to restore their hair back to its natural glory? In the UK, there’s a leading prescription-based hair loss treatment called Propecia that’s turning heads for its ability to help stimulate hair regrowth. Forget Rogaine and any other over-the-counter medication; Ask your doctor for a prescription for this wonder treatment and you can look younger for longer. Once prescribed, you can buy Propecia online.

Nothing succeeds like Propecia

This propecia hair loss treatment has proved to be successful in preventing and reversing the physical signs of hair loss. During trials, about 90% men experienced no further hair loss after using Propecia finasteride, while more than 66% men reported hair regrowth after using these oral tablets. This hair loss treatment can be used over the long term without causing concern for potential harmful side effects. Some men have experienced sexually related side effects, so please discuss with your doctor when visiting for your prescription.

Seeking hair loss treatment

Propecia hair loss treatment is a prescription-only drug. So never take it without consulting your doctor. As male pattern baldness is a progressive condition which gets worse in time, the sooner you talk to your doctor, the better results you are likely to get within a year from now. There’s no better time to start using hair loss treatment than the present. So what are you waiting for?

Causes of stress on Students and Meditation Help

Monday, November 21st, 2011

causes of stress  on studentsA major problem for parents is the worry of what are the causes of stress on students.  While school success may not necessarily be the only standard by which future success can be predicted, there is no doubt that school is important. Helping students succeed in school builds their self-esteem and helps them build the skills they need for a career and a lifetime. If you are a parent, you will of course want to ensure that you do everything possible to help your child succeed in school.
One of the largest obstacles to school performance is not lack of ability, but stress. When students are worried about school performance and it is difficult for them to recall material they have studied. Increased stress during study time also reduces the ability of the mind to focus on the work at hand and to remember accurately. Severe stress can also make children feel ill. Indeed, some children feel so upset and stressed before a test or assignment that they can actually get stomach aches, headaches, and other physical ailments. In these circumstances, it is difficult to study or to focus on academic success and children with this level of stress may miss school, which actually makes it even harder (and more stressful) to do well in school. Children do not have to stay in this cycle, however.
Whatever the causes of stress on students these  guided meditation downloads CDs are a great option for students who wish to relax, improve their focus, and develop better learning skills. Self-confidence imagery CDs and anti-panic attacks imagery CDs are both great options for improving school performance. These guided imagery CDs teach relaxation and self-control.  Guided imagery helps students focus their concentration, a skill that they can then transferred to studying. Guided meditation helps students relax and get into a proper mindset for studying and for optimal recalling.
Numerous studies have been done to show that classical music may have a positive impact on test scores. Researchers have also found numerous correlations between high stress levels and poor cognitive function. Studies such as these highlights the possibilities that guided meditations have for students. Indeed, many successful students often report using affirmations, meditation, and other mind-body techniques in order to achieve the best possible results. Relaxation techniques and focus techniques help students become more creative and help them remember more clearly once test time comes. As well, guided relaxation CDs and techniques can help students who need to know how to relieve stress & eliminate some of the physical symptoms of stress before tests and exams, leaving them free to focus on their studies.  So meditation can be of help to what causes stress on students.

Proper diagnosis of Sciatica

Monday, October 24th, 2011

diagnosis of sciaticaThe diagnosis of sciatica can sometimes be a little tricky but it is where nerve roots linking to sciatic nerves become pinched, inflammed, or even compressed. Sciatica can be described as a condition where a certain set of symptoms are recognizable because of back problems referred to as radiculopathy. This is usually a situation where nerve roots linking to sciatic nerves become pinched, inflammed, or even compressed. Here we will take a look at sciatca causes to help you properly do a diagnosis of sciatica

Typical Diagnosis of Sciatica

Typical sciatica reasons include the following 6 back problems, giving us some answers in the diagnosis of sciatica
1. Lumbar herniated disc
Herniated discs occur when soft inner cores of discs called nucleus pulposus, leak out or herniate. They leak out via the annulus of discs, that are their outer fibrous cores. It actually aggravates your adjacen nervous roots because it leaves behind the spine. Typically, it is regarded as that abrupt twists and injuries can ultimately cause disc herniation and produce sciatica.
2. Lumbar spinal stenosis
It is a condition that commonly causes sciatica because of the spinal canal narrowing. It is, on the other hand, a disorder normally associated with normal spinal aging. It is extremely typical in adults aged 60 and over.
3. Degenerative disc disease
Although disc deterioration is actually a completely natural process that is commonly seen in elderly people, some people may experience one or more degenerated discs in their lower backs. This may irritate nerve roots and lead to sciatica.

4. Isthmic spondylolisthesis
This is a situation that happens when a small bone fracture strain enables means for one of many vertebral bodies to slip on to a different one, like the L5 vertebra slipping on the S1 vertebra.
5. Piriformis syndrome
This occurs once the sciatic nerve is inflammed when it crosses with the piriformis muscle at the back. In the case that the piriformis muscle pinches or aggravates nerve roots that contain the sciatic nerve, sciatica can occur.
6. Sacroiliac joint disorder
This problem happens when there is discomfort in the sacroiliac joint, which is situated near the bottom of your spine. This may also trigger discomfort in  nerves that are located close to the peak of your sacroiliac joint, leading to sciatica-like discomfort.
Some other Causes of Sciatica
Scar tissue
Muscle strain
Spinal tumor
Pain Relief through Sciatica Exercises
Even though this might seem counter intuitive, sciatica workouts are generally far better at reducing discomfort from sciatica compared to bed rest. In most cases, a specified, accelerating, as well as managed exercise plan tailored to the actual origin of pain and sciatica is part of the treatment plan recommended.
Any kind of well-tailored exercise program for sciatica will include:
Core strengthening of muscles: Lots of sciatica workout primarily concentrates on the conditioning of back muscles and the abdomen so as to provide improved support towards your back.
Particular Analysis: Nearly all such medical exercise programs are customized in order to address root causes of pain in the patient’s sciatica therapy. This could be one or more of the above mentioned reasons.
Proper Exercise: Performing the right exercises within the incorrect forms can essentially render them completely pointless as well as inadequate. This may additionally worsen pain.
You should take sciatica treatment as part of your daily routine and not simply an extra trouble put into the finale of your everyday routine. With adequate treatment and attention, recovery is possible.
Sciatica is actually a condition of the back which can be extremely agonizing to face. Discover more about sciatica and sciatica causes so you are able to find a good diagnosis of sciatica pain.

Choosing the best EMR systems

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Best EMR SystemsChoosing the best EMR systems may take some time and investigation but it will be well worth your time. An EMR program is a type of software or program that an office or facility associated with providing healthcare or medical services uses. EMR systems basically allow medical and healthcare offices and facilities to manage patient records efficiently by capturing patient information digitally and making them available for access and updating when needed.
EMR usage and development has also been recommended by many organizations because of the way it can help medical and healthcare providers in making quick and accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans for their patients. Aside from this, implementing the best  EMR systems can also make offices and facilities a lot more efficient in providing their other services aside from medical treatment and healthcare.
Because of the importance of EMR systems, it is imperative that once you are ready to purchase and implement one, you have a good understanding of what you need to consider when choosing one.
One of the first things that you need to take into consideration when looking for an EMR system or program would be the functionalities that you need it to come with. This would depend on the purpose that you have for the system and on the type of office or facility you have for making a choice of the best EMR systems.

Before You Switch to an Electronic Cigarette

Monday, September 19th, 2011

E-CigaretteSwitching to smoking an electronic cigarette is a big move to make, especially if you are a heavy smoker. You need to be extra certain that every preparation is made properly before you start using the e-cig smoking device; this will allow you to adapt to the new smoking habit and enjoy the benefits of smoking an electronic cigarette even more. There are several important things to prepare before you switch to an electronic cigarette.
First, you need a high quality electronic cigarette starter kit. Finding a good e-cig starter kit to purchase can now be done easily, especially since there are several online retailers that you can contact. Take your time and compare starter kits before you decide the best one to purchase. Make sure you also look into the availability of accessories and refill cartridges before deciding to buy a particular e-cig starter kit; you will be able to use the electronic cigarette over a long period of time without hassle when refill cartridges are easy to find.
Next, look into the normal nicotine consumption you get from the tobacco cigarettes you are consuming and select the appropriate refill cartridges. You can also choose between different flavors or opt for a mixed pack (with up to 10 different flavors to try). Of course, you also get 5 to 6 refill cartridges with your electronic vaping device starter kit.

5 easy tips on How to reduce cancer risk

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

how to reduce cancer riskToday we will give you five tips on ‘How to reduce cancer risk’. When we eat healthy food every day and move enough, without having to specifically go to the gym, we reduce our cancer risk by about one-third, says Michele Forman – Professor epidemiologist.

Five tips on How to reduce cancer risk

1. Regular exercise
Exercising in the gym or pool, fast walking or gently jogging for at least 30 minutes a day for at least  5 times a week  for both adults and children
2. Eat more fruits and vegetables
They contain many vitamins, minerals and fiber that are effective in preventing cancer. Besides anti-cancer qualities this diet has a positive impact on weight. It should however be remembered that it requires a sufficient quantity and variety – at least 5-6 servings per day of a mix of fruit and vegetables.
3. Avoid smoking
Smoking has been proven one of the main factors for the drastic increase of the risk of cancer in recent years. Quitting smoking has an economic effect – money saved can be used for purchasing healthy foods and gym subscriptions. This tip is a very obvious one in the quest of how to reduce cancer risk.
4. Do not stay long in the sun
Oncologists predict that despite growing awareness on the dangers of the sun for long periods of time cases of skin cancer will continue to grow. Lack of protection from ultraviolet radiation is the main cause . Sun protection is still seen by many as unnecessary and too expensive. The truth is that as lotion with SPF 15 absorbs up to about 93% of the sun, it is not necessary to purchase expensive SPF creams.The same rule applies to sunglasses. sunglasses. Instead of the newest model of prestigious brand is quite safe to choose glasses whose lenses stop about 99% of UV rays and can be purchased at a department store at a very reasonable price.
5. Regularly visit your doctor for a check
For the best  prevention have a thorough check with your doctor once a year and learn on self detection of cancer education.

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