Food containing calcium for strong bones and teeth

Food containing calciumCalcium aids the health of teeth and bones and  is something most of us know about food containing calcium. But not everyone knows that only drinking milk can not provide the necessary dose of calcium for our bodies.  Calcium is the only trace element in our daily requirements that is not measured in milligrams and grams and therefore the required rate can not fit in a single tablet. And as for all vitamins and minerals, experts first recommend that they be provided with adequate nutrition.
According to recent recommendations the daily recommendation is 1.2 g of calcium daily.  Higher doses are recommended for nursing mothers and women over 50 years or age or experiencing menopause  to prevent osteoporosis.


Food containing calcium

Of course the primary food  is milk. To ensure we need to drink 4-5 cups per day which will contain about 1.2g. People who do not like milk there is a rich assortment of dairy products available such as cheese, yogurts, etc. Providing the amount of calcium is only half the task. We also require vitamin D and sunlight, which increases the absorption of this vitamin. Therefore, research shows that many people living with great exposure to sunlight do not suffer from calcium deficiency as often as their body can absorb fully what is naturally in their diet. . If you do not like dairy products, eating beans that contain calcium, magnesium and phosphorus can help. Another good source of calcium are soy products.
Canned fish and meat bone broths are also rich in this mineral, and for dessert the most suitable figs and almonds.

Food containing calcium can help prevent

This severe disease associated with reduced bone density is difficult to cure, but it can be successfully prevented by eating food containing calcium. The basis of prevention is the consumption of calcium and regular exercise.
Hypertension is often caused by the lack of  calcium. If your blood has begun to rise for 1-2 weeks on calcium tablets after the consultation of a doctor, then review your diet and increase the amount of calcium through the selection of appropriate foods.
Colon and pancreas Cancer
According to recent recommendations, people are at high risk of these diseases should increase food containing calcium and  take  calcium medications.  They should increase the use of products rich in magnesium and phosphorus

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